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When you are just tasked with writing a dissertation, you don’t know what a great, exciting journey is there in front of you (no, it won’t include hobbits, and Gandalf the Grey will not help you create it). That’s why you need to be prepared, but by the word “prepared” we don’t mean endless Internet surfing. To write a custom dissertation you need an expert advice, but mostly your professor is too busy, and you have more questions than a thesis adviser can answer. The viable solution for this situation is asking for help from professionals experienced in writing dissertations in your field.

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There are about 600 writers working for, and each of them has a certain field of specialization. So, if you decide to pay for an example dissertation, be sure that our writers will provide you with a quality thesis sample of any format and level. This is possible thanks to the competency of our experts hired with the help of a special strategy:

  • Our HR managers use the most advanced recruiting technologies. They research the market, use specialized websites as well as social networks to spot the most eligible candidates.
  • The applicants go through several tests. With their help, our recruiters check the level of English, writing skills and the knowledge of format types of the candidates.
  • Our quality managers control writers’ achievements. Twice a month they check the client reviews and randomly chosen sample texts to see the current state of affairs.

Our experts come from various countries like the USA, Canada, Kenya, etc. Every writer specializes in separate subjects. Some of them are more advanced in certain disciplines because of the location or working experience. That’s why it’s pretty beneficial to have a model paper from

Progressive Delivery as an Integral Perk for Dissertation Orders

The Progressive Delivery is a feature that can be applied only for big projects like dissertations, thesis, Ph.D. papers, etc. It implies that a writer assigned to your task delivers the text chunk by chunk. It costs 10% more than an ordinary order, but has 3 advantages that justify the price:

  • You pay in several installments. It’s less painful for your student budget than transferring the whole sum at once.
  • You receive and check the paper in parts. You have more chances to notice some mistakes, gaps or inaccuracies when you review small extracts.
  • In the end you get a completed assignment that almost doesn’t need revisions.

When you choose the Progressive Delivery option, we compile the payment plan and set small deadlines to your writer. He/she regularly sends you the completed parts according to the schedule, and you review and comment on them. The expert simultaneously works on other chunks and polishes the chapters reviewed by you. This option is a perfect mixture of you controlling the writer and his/her collaboration with you. So, definitely try it whenever you need a model dissertation for your class.

All in all, we offer you a great opportunity to not only have material and template to write one assignment, but even to learn something new. Firstly, you can find out more about the academic style in practice. In addition, you upgrade your writing skills while creating your own academic piece and that’s the main benefit of it. Why? Because the prospects are that you won’t need such kind of assistance if you acquire the necessary knowledge while cooperating with

So, do you want to use your time wisely instead of wasting hours on searching for the right information? Would you like to enhance your writing ability like you’re supposed to? Do you actually wish to “earn” the grade for this writing assignment? If you answer “Yes” to at least one of the questions, you’re welcome to place an order on our website. Give us your requirements and our writers will create for you a customized template that may save you many times. Go ahead and try it for yourself!

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