Stem Cell Research Paper Sample

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A stem cell is specified type of cell possessing unique capability to renew itself and produce specialized types of cells. Although most body cells are committed to performing specified duties, stem cells are always uncommitted and remain so until they receive signal to develop into specialized cells. Their ability to turn to specialized cells and proliferation capacity to make stem cells unique from all others. For several years study have tried to look out for new conduct to apply stem cells in place for diseased or damaged cells and tissues. Recently, much attention has been accorded to stem cells from researchers and clinicians.

Scientists who have an interest in the development of human have been conducting research on it for a number of years. Stem cell has been one of them and has the capability of developing into any type of cell within the body systems. They have the power to develop to all of the known different type of cells. With their unique properties, stem cells are able to turn from fatal tissue and embryo.

To patients and researcher, there are many issues about stem cells that are unsolved. The prediction of the application of the stem cell is impossible particularly because the premature stage of the discipline of the stem cell biology. At present, it is impossible to determine in advance which stem cells or techniques for influencing the cells. This will be best tackle needs for primary research and clinical applications for whose answers will be found by doing more research on the issue. Continue reading Stem Cell Research Paper Sample

Masonic Influence in the Founding of America – PPT presentation


Many Americas have been made to believe that the powerful states which make America and the honorable document that actually governs the country as different as are Christian.

However, through thorough research, it can be proved that the nation’s most vital laws and perspectives are more or less connected to Masonic principles (Coil,1996, p.31).

A lot of evidence that surround the marvelous city of Washington D.C. leads to the conclusion that America, a powerful and solitude nation had its most vital being based on masonry.

Although argued other wise, the constitution and the declaration of independence, two extremely significant documents were in one or more ways connected to the Masonic principles (Christopher, 1996).

The Founding Fathers

Some of the founding fathers of the nation amongst them Washington, Franklin, Randolph, Jefferson and John Adams amongst others can have their roots traced to masonry.

Most of the were influential in conjugating the most significant document in American history and had the ties and links to Freemasonry (Coil,1996, p.34).

George Washington, the first president of America was a renowned Freemason. He was one of the fifty six people who conjured the declaration and the constitution.

A significant number of personalities who formed the first government were Freemasons. (Hoffman, 2008, p72) . Continue reading Masonic Influence in the Founding of America – PPT presentation

Research Paper on Social Work

It is a great pleasure for me to be invited to speak with you on important issues in our part of the world and specifically on the development and possibilities of social work. I see a key and active role of Australian Social Workers in not only social work in the Asia Pacific but also in the world. I want to congratulate Australia for having Imelda Dodds as President of IFSW. Jim Ife as Secretary of the Human Rights Commission and others as providing key leadership in Asia as well as international social work.

I see great potentials for Social Work in the Asia Pacific region. I also see the need for new social work strategies, including social development and social justice approaches, collaborative and peacemaking strategies in dealing with the social economic, political and social realities of the time. Continue reading Research Paper on Social Work

Sample Research Paper on Domestic Violence

The list of celebrity batterers from the sports world alone is a long one, which includes the notorious O.J. Simpson, boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, baseball star Daryl Strawberry, former University of Alabama basketball coach Wimp Sanderson, former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson (cited by ex-wife Robin Givens and subsequently convicted of raping Miss Black Rhode Island), California Angels pitcher Donnie Moore (who shot and wounded his estranged wife, Tonya, before killing himself in 1989), and Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman Blenda Gay (stabbed to death in 1976 by his battered wife, Roxanne, who said she acted in self-defense). The list of entertainers named as batterers is also lengthy and star-studded. Tina Turner reported in her autobiography that husband Ike abused her for years. Ali McGraw described the violent assaults of Steve McQueen. Sheila Ryan sued her then-husband James Cann in 1980, alleging that he had beaten her. Madonna accused Sean Penn, and Daryl Hannah named Jackson Browne. Tommy Lee was accused of kicking Pamela Anderson while she held their son. These scandalous incidents make major news for the newspapers and tabloid television, but battering continues to be commonplace in the everyday world. It is thought by many as “no big deal” or “a family matter”. Nicole Brown Simpson told a police dispatcher, “He’s going nuts”. That 911 call was played and replayed on television and radio. For the first time, Americans were in the midst of a terrifying incident called “domestic violence” and they could hear for themselves the terror that millions of American women live with every day. Continue reading Sample Research Paper on Domestic Violence

Example Research Paper on Death Penalty

In recent years the death penalty has been a topic of heated debate and controversy. The purpose behind it to some seems unclear, while to others it seems as a blatantly obvious solution to violent crime. There is a belief among many that it is impossible to reform a cold-blooded killer. One solution, the death penalty is the most extreme form of justice and is often a sensitive subject to many. The process of determining and carrying out the fate of the convicted is an intricate and extensive process with many certain rituals. The functions and meaning of the ritual elements of the death penalty in modern history is to make it less arbitrary and more humane than it has been in the past. Continue reading Example Research Paper on Death Penalty

Sample Research Paper on Capital Punishment

“Last year I was against the reintroduction of hanging. This January my son was forcibly taken from a park near our home where he was playing with some of his friends. His unclothed body was found three days later. He was six. Now I would be happy to hang the murderer myself. No one can understand the grief the victim`s family has to bear. No one really cares. Everyone wants to protect the killer, my son was six, who protected him?”

Each year an unbelievably vast amount of acts of indecency are committed against minors in the United Kingdom. In 1995 there were 260,300 reported cases of attempted rape or completed rapes of children under the age of 12. Convicted rapists report that two-thirds of their victims were under 18 and 58% of those said their victims were 12 or under. This data is in accordance to the Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics report.

This research paper aims to discuss the facts and arguments as to whether capital punishment is a suitable means in bringing a satisfactory amount of justice to those involved. Continue reading Sample Research Paper on Capital Punishment

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