How to Fill in an Essay

There are times when you have to write an essay on a certain topic, you wrote a plan, you did a research to find more useful information, you wrote every single idea you could come up with, and there are still not enough words and your essay is way too short. No panic, there are some ideas that will help you fill in your essay with a lot of useful information.

Search for more information from alternative sources. It is always useful to find out more information about a topic from all the sources of information you can use. If you searched on the Internet, now try to find something in books or magazines in your local library. If you know a foreign language, that can be a great advantage. Have a look at foreign books or articles and chances are you may find something that your essay lacks.

Show alternative viewpoints. Many men, many minds. Two different people are very likely to have different viewpoints. Describe the problem form all possible perspectives. For example, if you are writing a paper in philosophy on Hegel’s understanding of freedom, you may include Kant’s concepts of the same problem. Everything is understood better when shown in comparison to something else. Thus, your essay will even improve if you do that. Continue reading How to Fill in an Essay

Benefits of Custom Written Essays

Ordering with an online custom paper writing company or agency in our days is very easy and even enjoyable. The services offered by the companies of this kind are of high quality and the policies and guarantees which the customers have on their side make them have no further worries of the writer’s being not professional or not following the initial requirements fro the academic paper. So, if you have decided to resort to the assistance of an online writing company for the first time, then you would have so many benefits and advantages. Here you will find some information about them.

When you order online, you save your time and efforts. This is not a secret that almost every student has so many occupations and activities around the clock, that a custom essay writing company might be the best solution to gain a free minute of even several hours. When you entrust the academic paper into the hands of a proficient and highly skilled writers, then you have the spare time to be spent on other businesses. These may be sport trainings, parties or walks with the friends, extra-curriculum activities or a even part-time job. While your academic work is being processed by the freelance writers of the online custom paper writing company, you have the chance to devote your time and efforts to other things. Continue reading Benefits of Custom Written Essays

How to Get a Good Hook for an Essay

Every student who has been faced by the academic necessity of essay composing knows that the so-called ‘hook’ is an indispensable component of every paper of this kind. To obtain the good hook some students need years of practicing, while others may master the art of ‘hook’ creating already in the first papers of theirs. This only means that such hooks do not need any particular skills to be added to the essay. They only demand some creativity and the ability to compose great essays. If you have both capacities, then you would manage to create the hooks as well.

So, what is the general and the most important aim of the hook in an essay? It is not hard to guess, that the hook is to catch the attention of the essay readers from the very first line. The hook is some element within the essay which makes the reader wonder – what is it stated later in the essay. This is the secret, mystery and the “candy” of every essay. To add it, one needs to think of a most interesting personal story, or a fiction one, the memory or trick, the anecdote of a proverb. As you can see, the hook may be created from almost everything. The main point here is to make the essay introductory paragraph sound appealing and catching for the audience. In order to get the great examples of hooks, the students may be prompted to surf the Internet.

There is the plenty of great intros there. You will then be able to select between the most creative ones in the net and your own ones which – who knows – may seem to be even more “delicious”. Continue reading How to Get a Good Hook for an Essay

Tips on Writing a Narrative Essay About Someone

Writing a narrative essay about someone is not an easy thing especially when one needs to write a paper that will appeal to the audience. Writing a good narrative story that will capture the imagination of the reader requires excellent writing skills and it is not many people that have the skill to write such essays excellently. When writing this kind of story, the writer should not only strive to write a good story but also inform the reader why it is important to write the essay on that individual who is the subject of the essay.

The easiest way to get this essay done is to begin by drafting the narrative essay because while drafting the essay, the writers get the opportunity to think about the life experiences of the subject and how these experiences fit into the theme of the essay paper. Normally, selecting the perspectives of the subject that are significant to the writer is a good idea because these perspectives help the writer to establish an emotional connection with the issues being explored in the essay paper. Once the writer is emotionally connected to the issue, the writer is more likely to write a more effective essay compared to when the writer is writing about issues that he cannot exactly connect to. Continue reading Tips on Writing a Narrative Essay About Someone

How to Write an Analytical Essay on Romeo and Juliet

If you hope to write an excellent analytical essay on Romeo and Juliet, then you need to base this essay on a strong argument. This argument should be succinctly stated in the thesis statement and should not be something that is obvious, but something interesting, attention catching: an idea that can be well supported in the body of the essay paper. When looking for the words for the thesis statement one should examine if the proposition selected for the thesis is both reasonable and arguable. If the statement is obvious then one does not have an argument and this implies that the analytical essay will most likely be weak and one that not so many readers will find pleasing to read through.

For this type of an essay, it is best that you select a thesis statement that presents an issue that can be argued from opposing perspectives and of course stating which of the sides you are advocating for in your essay paper. After reading “Romeo and Juliet”, you can find good ideas to base your main argument on by looking for metaphors and words that the author makes use of consistently and identify the pattern. Once you interpret the pattern, you should examine if there are any ethical, moral or philosophical ideas that the author seems to be opposing or supporting and while doing so, also examine the consequences of accepting the reasoning endorsed by the author. Once you have this information, you can come up with a good thesis statement that will either agree with the author’s view of disagree with the views proposed by the author of Romeo and Juliet. Continue reading How to Write an Analytical Essay on Romeo and Juliet

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay on Two Books

When you are to write a compare and contrast essay on two books, you are basically required to analyze both the similarities and differences that lie between the two books. One will realize that the number of similarities and differences between books may be not few in number and the content may not exactly fit into the limited pages that one has been asked to write. One should therefore choose a few differences and similarities and then focus on explaining those differences and similarities in the essay paper.

When choosing the factors to be contrasted and compared, one should select those that can be analyzed in a meaningful way and this one can do by reading through the two books and while doing so, writing a list of all the differences and similarities that exist between the two books. Some of the factors that one should consider when selecting the issues to explore in that essay include the relevance of the issues that have been selected to that assignment. One could also consider if the selected items are relevant to the course or to a lesson that they were taught in class.

Interesting and informative ideas tend to make a reader more interested in the content of the essay and a writer should therefore try selecting interesting and informative ideas for the essay paper. Once the list is done, one should then pick the strongest. Once one has selected the items that one plans to explore in the essay paper, one should then look for words to compose the thesis statement. Continue reading How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay on Two Books

Exploratory Essay on Obesity

Before even beginning to write an exploratory essay on obesity, one must first know the true meaning of what an exploratory essay is. An exploratory essay is the type of essay that does not attempt to make a claim but instead focuses on examining the different sides of an argument.

For an exploratory essay on obesity, the goal of the writer would be to explain the issues surrounding obesity, explain the various views that people have on the issue of obesity and to provide a personal response to the issue of obesity. In order to organize all the ideas in the exploratory essay well, one will have to write a good outline that should outline all the basic features of this essay. The essay will begin with the introduction which should define and provide a description of the obesity issue and present the view adopted by the writer. In order to make an introduction work well for one, one should ensure that they use words in the introduction that will make the reader interested in the issue that the essay is exploring. Continue reading Exploratory Essay on Obesity

How to be Original in Essay Writing

Lecturers often turn down essays due to lack of originality in the content written inside. Sufficient papers have been written to inform students how to format research papers in various styles. By the time a student completes his or her first year in college, he or she can distinguish an APA style paper from one written in MLA.

Correspondingly, the student can convincingly write papers using the Harvard style. In addition to this, lecturers do not worry themselves about the possibility of students not finding enough resources to write their research papers. Many genuine and authentic websites that students can use to tackle diverse topics exist. When it comes to spelling and grammar, there are certain Internet-enabled sites that allow a student to crosscheck an essay for such errors. The biggest concern in essay writing, accordingly, is how to ensure originality. Today, lecturers complain that students have seriously plagiarized the works of others. When it is established that your essay bears even the tiniest aspect of plagiarism, the penalty can be extreme. This article will guide the reader to ensure that his or her written essay is free of plagiarism. Note that a plagiarized essay is one in which the writer copies three or more words from a borrowed source without attributing the phrase to its original author. Continue reading How to be Original in Essay Writing

Expository Essay: Why Some Teens Commit Suicide

When it comes to teenage deaths, motor vehicle accidents and suicides are regarded as the most common causes. This is why many parents, especially those with teenagers, are interested in knowing the factors that lead teenagers to commit suicide, so they can work against these factors and discourage their teenagers from committing suicide. Some of the factors noted from relevant research indicate that homosexual teenagers have a higher suicide rate, compared to their heterosexual counterparts. This is perhaps so because they may have a difficult time being accepted in society because of their sexual orientation. They may also have a difficult time accepting their own sexual orientation, which to others may seem to be rather unusual.

Knowledge of such statistics can help parents find better ways to deal with their teenagers and look for alternative ways to resolve their problems, so that they do not turn to suicide. The teen years are usually characterized by much uncertainty as the teen’s transition towards adulthood. Many teens find this period to be rather confusing, and it is also a time when some teens may prefer to isolate themselves from peers and family members. Continue reading Expository Essay: Why Some Teens Commit Suicide

Persuasive Essay Help on Animal Testing

Modern science has steadily improved the methods that doctors use in curing many ailments. This has been made possible by a number of advancements in research. While many people are thankful for the great contribution of science in the field of medicine, others have different opinions. The reason is that the mode of research involving animal testing is sometimes inhumane. Those who oppose animal testing can utilize essay writing to voice their concerns.

Tips on How to Write a Good Persuasive Essay on Animal Testing:

  • A good persuasive essay on animal testing can be developed by using the following steps. First, explain the importance of life. People cannot live without animals and plants, so respecting all life is essential to survival. Additionally, the quality of life must be considered. Whether the animal testing activity seeks to save the life of a human being or another animal, it is not justifiable to kill it or to subject an animal to unnecessary suffering. The writer should seek to persuade people that all life and well-being is important.
  • Secondly, the writer can help people to understand that using inhumane acts in animal testing may not be the only solution to curing or preventing the numerous illnesses that affect the human race. In fact, many animals that are believed to cause diseases or even to transmit them may actually help in saving human life. For instance, the writer can explain how cockroaches aid in warning people of an impending earthquake. Early warnings allow individuals to seek shelter in safer locations. Furthermore, writers might persuade scientists to consider discontinuing animal testing less useful to human beings, and that better ways of conducting research can be used in curing diseases. Persuading scientists to desist from conducting animal testing is another way of showing them the sense of preserving animal life. A good persuasive essay on animal testing might, therefore, point out why the negative repercussions of animal testing outweigh the benefits. Continue reading Persuasive Essay Help on Animal Testing
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