Masonic Influence in the Founding of America – PPT presentation


Many Americas have been made to believe that the powerful states which make America and the honorable document that actually governs the country as different as are Christian.

However, through thorough research, it can be proved that the nation’s most vital laws and perspectives are more or less connected to Masonic principles (Coil,1996, p.31).

A lot of evidence that surround the marvelous city of Washington D.C. leads to the conclusion that America, a powerful and solitude nation had its most vital being based on masonry.

Although argued other wise, the constitution and the declaration of independence, two extremely significant documents were in one or more ways connected to the Masonic principles (Christopher, 1996).

The Founding Fathers

Some of the founding fathers of the nation amongst them Washington, Franklin, Randolph, Jefferson and John Adams amongst others can have their roots traced to masonry.

Most of the were influential in conjugating the most significant document in American history and had the ties and links to Freemasonry (Coil,1996, p.34).

George Washington, the first president of America was a renowned Freemason. He was one of the fifty six people who conjured the declaration and the constitution.

A significant number of personalities who formed the first government were Freemasons. (Hoffman, 2008, p72) .


Freemason is described as a secret society that promotes three virtues.

The values promoted by the secret society are brotherhood, truth, and relief. However, most people claim this to be just a camouflage for what the society truly represents.

Freemasons come from all walks of life as claimed. However, most Freemasons are rich powerful people who have influence over the world and American foundation (Houghton, 2004, p.28).

Scalars trace the roots of Freemasonry back to era of the Templar knights. Some trace it back as far as 900 years before the birth of Christ during the building of the temple in Jerusalem by King Solomon.

History of the Freemason

The history of Freemason can be traced back to when the knight Templar used secret codes and hidden ways to transfer materials such as wealth out of Egypt to foreign countries.

Most scholars claim that the craft had died and was arisen when king Solomon hired Hiram a Syrian mason to build the temple (Hoffman, 2008, p78).

Abiff Hiram was killed by his fellow mason after his refusal to give up the secret trade of masonry.

Although it can not be proven, Hiram was actually the chief engineer of Freemasonry.

This is seen as one way that motivated its foundation in the American society.

History of the (cont’d)

The masons who participated in the construction of the medieval Cathedral in Europe were brought together by Freemasons who referred to themselves as free because of their freedom to move.

The Freemasons had highly cosseted secrets that they used in trading. These secrets included handshakes, symbols and passwords.

The secrets were extremely valuable to the Freemasons because they majorly helped them identify their fellow masons. This would reduce the possibility of trading with people who were not members of the Freemason (Jessica, 2009).

For example, some of the Freemason symbolic tools are still in use in America up to date like the mallet, plumb line, the compass and the square.

History of Freemason (cont’d)

Freemasons advocated the use of intelligence rather than the spiritual belief in a supernatural being. Freemasons viewed God as the formulator of natural laws.

They believed that God did not interfere with the day-to-day running of people’s lives.

Most of the founding fathers majorly believed in this Deist theory. They also believed in sharing of ideas and a mind based on reason (Benjamin,1734).

These basics majorly shaped the formation and revolutionary history of United States.

An excellent example can be seen when Benjamin Franklin used his connection with Freemasons in France to gain more support from France in the American war.

Freemason Roots in America

The most prominent people who were American revolution generals were majorly Freemason. One of the generals included George Washington.

Many clauses in the American constitution were influenced by the Freemasons including the clause about religious freedoms. This clause was given considerable support by Freemasons who believed in one creator who was scientific in nature.

It has been proven that Freemasons originated from a diversity of religions and not a particular denomination (MacNulty, 2008, p.44).

The Declaration of independence also shows the influence of Freemasonry in formation of America.

Paine Thomas who was a Freemason has one of the most influential articles in the declaration of independence.

Freemason Roots in America(cont’d)

The first president of America, George Washington was sworn in with a bible that was owned by a Freemason, Robert Livingston. Livingston swore George Washington into power.

The Boston tea party took place in premises majorly linked to the Freemason. It took place in the Green Dragon Tavern.

The cornerstones of outstanding national sites in Washington, for example, the capital building, were laid by Freemasons.

The American war could not have been won in the absence of the French Freemason, Lafayette. He was the French administrator to the colonies (Margaret,1991, p.72).

The link between Freemason and the founding fathers

Freemasonry was highly practiced in America by the founding fathers.

Its existence in the hierarchy of American leadership is not an imagination conjured out of the blues.

It is highly argued that the founding fathers of America who were linked to Freemasonry had an extraordinarily close bound to the sect illuminati.

Though not fully proven, it is purported that most of the famous names which include John Adams, Randolph, John Hancock, Paul Revere, John Paul Jones, Alexander Hamilton, Benedict Arnold, John Marshall, among others were secret members to the illuminati members (Mark, 2005, p.18).

The link(cont’d)

The first president is reported to have been against the movement. Though highly confusing judging by the fact that he was a known Freemason, scholars say that not all members of Freemasonry supported illuminati.

However, research shows that after some time he to was initiated to the craft.

Other known names that can be linked to illuminati are Benjamin Franklin, Reagan and Bush.

It is believed that out of the 51 known masons who signed the Deceleration Of Independents, 8 were well known followers of illuminati while 21 were unknown.

The Rothschild family is believed to have a significant influence on the founding principles of the country. There are also closely linked with funding the American revolution through well known masons.

It is highly believed that Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were agents of the Rothschild family.

The link(cont’d)

In 1829, the Masons met in the capital New York, the person who convened the meeting was a British Leader of the Masons, Frances Fanny.

Frances was a co-editor of the paper known as the New Harmony Gazette.

The paper established itself in New York in 1829 where she was posted. It was later changed and called Free Enquirer.

In America, the group operated through a party known as the Locofoco (Peterson, 2001).

In 1884, a book that was considered to be one of the great plan to take over America was written by Clinton Roosevelt.

Other Links that show great influence of Masonic in the founding of America

During the formation of the country’s governing laws, this being the constitution, it is purported that the founder fathers wanted to masonry to work on the down law without being noticed.

This saw a number of groups formed that called themselves other names but were only conjured to hide the true faces involved.

These groups were situated in public places where they could source members to join the masonry sect without a lot of attention being given to them.

However, the groups did not accept anybody. In order to join the group, one hard to come from a well known influential family.

Some of the well-known groups are skull and bone and the PHI-BETA-KAPPA

Skull and Bones

The organization was formed by William Russell, a general together with Alphonso Taft, a father to one of the America president William Howard in 1832 in Yale University.

It was notably changed and called The Russell Trust Association in 1856.

In the same year, Russell went to Germany where speculation has it that he was introduced to Freemasonry.

The key point of him opening up the group was to introduce their sons to this formation in order to achieve a status among the society (Petri, 2007, p.24).

Skull and Bones (cont’d)

The skull and bone group, which is speculated to be associated with the Masonry performs rituals every year.

A number of fresh men are picked and called “knights” and when they graduate, they are called “order patriarchs”.

Over 3000 patriarchs have been recruited into the order. They have been spread to all forms of business or government.

The most renown names are William Bundy, an editor in the foreign affairs.

Senator of Oklahoma David Boren, Senator for Massachusetts John Kerry, Senator from Rhode Island John Chafee, among others.

Skull and Bones (cont’d)

The organization has produced many people who are top class leaders who have influenced the principal sectors of the America society.

The influence they have can be used to work to the most significant fact or traits of the Freemasons; new world order, which is to achieve a system of one government to rule the world.

Hence, skull and bone can be said to have a common goal or to be a branch of the Masons.

The Phi-Beta-Kappa

Organized at the second oldest college in the country and the oldest in Virginia which was founded in 1694.

Phi-Beta-Kappa was started in 1776 in the college of William and Mary.

The key point behind its formation was to be used as a debating club for the college.

It was later in the after years used as an instrument to spread Illuminati principles in America.

The name is a Greek motto which means “philosophy channel to life.”

The Phi-Beta-Kappa(cont’d)

The group was only accessible to university students with a main goal to make man more dependent on philosophy rather than religion.

The group shares the same interest as the Illuminati does. Until 1830, the group operated as a secret society known only to members.

However, in spite their covert hand signals which included hand shakes the group was exposed. It was then converted to be a society for people with a high status only.

Ideology behind Freemasonry in American Foundation

Freemason is known for its values and principles which closely if not wholly represent similar principles to those of Illuminati.

In 1826, a journalist allied to the brotherhood published a book that exposed most secrets about the Freemason.

The journalist was captured and tried by the Freemason where he was then charged with high treason by the Masonic law.

He was letting go but made a run for Canada but was caught and drowned in the Niagara river.

These facts were confirmed by the executor who was a Mason before he died (Redding, 2004, p.37).

Why Masonry?

The question, why masonry? has been asked by many elite people. The answer to the question is mostly based on facts rather than speculation.

It is a mere fact that most of the founding fathers of America were Freemasons.

It is also a fact that most American presidents are allied to this concept of brotherhood. A

Another fact is that Freemason exists globally, and its members come from all walks of life.

Freemason is popularly known for openly advocating for brotherhood, love, and truth.

Why Masonry?

The question that should be asked is whether the brotherhood is the same concept as that of the new world order.

Is it the same principles based on those of the Illuminati?

If so, then the great country was founded on principles not by those, which are known, but by the unknown.

For speculation purposes, the nation has more or less propagated a false agenda, that of Christianity while the truth of the matter is that it is based more on philosophy and hidden truths (Mehigan, 2008).

For instance in Dan Brown’s book “The Lost Symbol”, one can get the feeling that not only is America as a country filled with secrets, but one of the most entrusted cities, Washington D.C. is filled with mysteries.

Additionally, in the movies by Nicholas Cage “National Treasure”, though not openly acknowledged as true the movie opens us to a more unfamiliar world that is the deepest embodiment of the foundation of the country.

One can get the concept that is being passed in the movie.

Although highly debatable, the movie introduces a new way of thinking and also exposes some of the truth that are hidden in the country.

The movie shows hidden cities and symbols that can be traced back to Illuminati and Freemasonry.

Symbols And Their Explanation

The Pyramid

The Dollar bill

The Phi-Beta-Kappa

The Skull and Bone

The Freemason as a Religion

Freemason by all order is a religion based on principles and faith.

In one of the definitions on religion in the dictionary, religion is described as a principle pursued with devotion.

In the royal degree Freemasonry, every lodge is declared to be religious including its instructions.

The grand elect degree states that masonry is the universal absolute religion (Mehigan, 2008).

The adept degree states that masonry only propagates one creed, which is the religious one taught by reason and nature.

Most masons argue out that Freemasonry is not a religion but rather a composition of men who adapt to faith.

However, only a totally faith blinded person would fall for such deceit.

Freemason is a religion by all degree and standard. It has in it all qualities of a religion.

It has it own divinity or idol, has its own practices, and has its own claims of showing the believer the light once accepted.

It has a place where followers go to worship (the lodge). Has its own sort of prayers conjured.

Has another plan of the second coming.

All these leads to proving that it is not just an idle society with secrets but a secret religion

When thought about and followed carefully, Freemason is in fact, a religion with its roots connecting to those of Illuminati.

By faith, Freemason comes out as professing to the devil. Though no visible link can point to that or as any religion, Freemason can be then thought out to be a confused religion.

Freemason has for a long time confused its followers to believing that it is not a religion of any kind.

However, doesn’t Freemason have all the attributes of a religion? Doesn’t it uphold an idol or divinity as its true savior? Doesn’t it focus on creating world peace and brotherhood?

If the answer is yes, then why not call it a religion (Robert, 1990).

Rituals of Freemasonry

Like any other denomination or occult, Freemason is accustomed to rituals which are performed by members of the group.

Every degree in Freemasonry has its own ritual and performance.

Most members are introduced to the rituals and asked to keep them quiet Petri, A. (2007).

Though most ritual while explained look rather harmless, the degree in which the rituals go are unbelievable.

When the ritual is taking place, the compass and the square are used as instruments of pressing the faith.

Rituals of Freemasonry

In a higher level ritual, a story of how Hiram Abbif is the equivalent of Jesus is given.

The tale recounts a while back when the temple of Israel was being built.

The master mason who oversees this is a man by the name Hiram Abbif.

He was then confronted by three craft brothers who killed him in cold blood for not telling them the secret of being a fellow master mason.

They burry his body but the king orders for a search. After having searched for 15 days the body is found.

The king raises the body from death to obtain the master mason crafts out of Hiram (Steven,1996). The rituals were also observed by American founding fathers,

Attributes of war

It is firmly believed that the Freemason started the first and second world war.

Since the goal of the Masons is to see total world order through one government, it is believed that the first and the second world war was a making of the occult.

This is for the sect to achieve total world control it made countries go to war with each other.

Since the first war did not see them achieve this, the groups pushed for another war which saw the introduction of propagandists such as Hitler and Stalin.

Hitler from Germany, Stalin from Russia, and Mussolini were the main front runners for this cause.

During the first and second year of the second world war, the sect were able to influence almost the whole of Europe to go to war.

America was not left behind. Philosophers have it that it was an agenda that was planned for more than two decades.

In a letter discovered later, it was learned that the illuminati and the Freemason had planned for more than three world wars.

Two succeeded as planned. First was to cripple Russia second was to destroy Nazism and promote communism.

In more than one way, the Ku Klux Klan is closely related to the Freemasons

All facts point to a man known as Pike to be the individual behind all these movements and war.

Pike, a Freemason of the 33 degree was in charge of the continuous run of the Freemason. He also played a critical role in ensuring that the sect could flourish as expected in America.

Pike was considered to be a genius who could write as well as talk in almost 16 languages.

Pike was regarded as one of the most influential people in the founding of Freemason.

He is also noted for setting up the information most crucial information collecting agencies for the Freemasons in the American society.

Symbols in America

The most notable symbol in America can be found in Washington D.C.

On top of the white house, a pentagram is clearly noticeable. In fact, it is not hidden to anybody.

The presence of this form of occultism in the highest house in America proves a lot as to how much America is founded on Masonic principles.

The capital itself has been built a most peculiar version representing the four unique codes of Freemasonry and Illuminati.

The codes are the compass and the square the pentagram and the ruler.

Other than the rest, the pentagram a five-point star has its roots traced to the worship of the devil (Stevenson, 1990, p.37).

Symbols in America (cont’d)

Engraved at the center of the star is the 16th street.

Also found in the white house of America in the middle of it is the Masonic temple house symbol.

The monument of Washington is considered to be the key symbol that puts the rest of them together.

In all key buildings in Washington, a stone is laid. The stone laid represents many Masonic traits.

Freemasonry brag of having produced 16 Presidents, counting Ronald Reagan, 41 national adjudicators, 60 members of the house, 14 affiliate of the bench commission and 18 Senators.

Apart from the notable few, one can not even begin to imagine how many of them form up the many public organizations in America.

More notable symbols

“All seeing eye” and the Eagle

The Dollar Seal

If carefully noticed, the one dollar bill has the words in God trust directly on top of the bill.

These words can be stated to have come from the Jewish belief who despite Jesus having come from their tribe they still denounced him.

The Jews believe in one God and not the son.

This being directly on top of the one dollar bill, gives it questionable intent.

Questions have been raised as to whether it has any symbolic background to that (Surette, 1993).

However, no conclusion has been derived.

The Antichrist and Founding Fathers

It is said that the Antichrist will one time appear again to take over the world.

Most theorists believe that America is where the antichrist will emerge from.

The antichrist is considered to be an offspring of King Solomon who will come back to rule the world.

The antichrist is portably meant to bring horror and destruction in the world.

The acceptance of freemasons in the American society is part of the process that will result in the establishment of the New World Order and the subsequent coming of the Antichrist.

President Obama Linked to the New Age

Most theorists of modern times claim that the American president is the new introduction to the new age era.

Though it can not be proven, the president is highly speculated to have links with the Freemasons and the illuminati.

Although most of it is speculation and not facts, the president is directly linked to the illuminati as one of their many channels in the course of world order.

Only minor assumptions based on minor evidence can be gotten to prove this.

The New Age

For instance, during the second inauguration of president Obama that happened behind closed doors of the white house there was no Bible present.

Most people do not know that there was a second swearing ceremony. The ceremony was only attended by two people only. The president and Robert the chief justice.

Another notable thing about the second inauguration was that a picture of a renown Freemason was in the background.

Whether this can be proved or not, any sign of Freemasonry is not evident though highly questionable.


Through out all the evidence produced in this presentation, it is evident enough that America is built and run on Masonic principles cleverly hidden from the normal eye.

It is evident that Freemasonry among other occults has their roots running deep on one of the greatest nations in the world.

It is not a coincidence that most members during the signing of some of the most valuable document including the one that portray the precise existence of the country were Freemasons.

It is not also a coincidence that most presidents have been from the masons occult.

The only logical explanation from all the evidence provided is that masonry is and continues being one of the driving forces behind America


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The Web of Hiram at Bradford University, an electronic database of the Masonic material held in many of the University’s Special Collections

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