Exploratory Essay on Immigration Reform

The immigration department in almost all countries is responsible for the documentation of traveling documents, passports, visa application, and the history of immigrants and immigration links. Many people will not have the qualifications to migrate to the countries of their choice; yet, they want to use dubious means to pave their way into such countries. The department personnel have power as well as duties that extend and which include the matters that the state government has jurisdiction over relating to citizenship as well as the immigration. In many countries, this department facilitates the formulation, the coordination, as well as the implementation of rules and laws that should be followed by immigrants.

There are always very strict policies to which individuals should adhere, but these polices are often bent every now and then to suit the interests of a few workers within the department. The laws of immigration are never followed as they should be, and this is why there are always issues within the department. The immigration departments in many countries have continuously failed in fulfilling their responsibilities. The personnel in these departments have addressed their own interests and rather than fulfilling the needs of the citizens they are in the offices to serve. Many state employees are corrupted, and this has created many avenues for immigrants to enter into foreign countries without proper documentation.

The immigration department should be held responsible for the immigrants who enter countries, causing unnecessary confusion. In exchange for bribes, the personnel in the immigration department will process visas as well as other travel documents to people who would not otherwise be allowed to enter a foreign country. Terror attacks in some countries are conducted by people who migrated to those countries with the evil intent to cause attracts and kill people. Terrorists often offer bribes to enable them to acquire visas illegally. Maybe if the immigration departments were more diligent, incidents of terrorism could be minimized, decreasing illegal immigrants in all countries.

Therefore, it is very important that immigration departments in many of states should work to make certain laws are being enforced. The enforcement and needed reform should ensure that due process is followed when processing any travel document to any person. There should be transparency as well as accountability to make sure that chances for corruption are minimized. Any person who does not adhere to the rules and registrations should not be employed by the departments. Strict penalties and sanctions should be implemented to impress upon personnel the seriousness of taking bribes. All laws should be followed.

Tips on Writing an Exploratory Essay
An exploratory essay is different than most essays because you do not begin with an opinion. Instead, you are exploring a problem and attempting to come up with possible solutions. For that reason, you need a good understanding of the topic. That usually involves doing some preliminary reading or research on the topic. That provides you with the needed background information to identify the problem and to discuss its possible causes. In suggesting solutions, you must also provide your thought process. Show the reader how you are analyzing the problem, what solutions you are proposing and how you arrived at those solutions, and why you think those solutions have merit. As always, be sure to develop a clear thesis statement and to organize and support your ideas.

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