Exploratory Essay on Obesity

Before even beginning to write an exploratory essay on obesity, one must first know the true meaning of what an exploratory essay is. An exploratory essay is the type of essay that does not attempt to make a claim but instead focuses on examining the different sides of an argument.

For an exploratory essay on obesity, the goal of the writer would be to explain the issues surrounding obesity, explain the various views that people have on the issue of obesity and to provide a personal response to the issue of obesity. In order to organize all the ideas in the exploratory essay well, one will have to write a good outline that should outline all the basic features of this essay. The essay will begin with the introduction which should define and provide a description of the obesity issue and present the view adopted by the writer. In order to make an introduction work well for one, one should ensure that they use words in the introduction that will make the reader interested in the issue that the essay is exploring.

Some of the most common techniques that are used in the introduction are the retelling of an interesting related story and writing interesting statistics and facts. In order to make the intended impact with the introduction paragraph, one needs to ensure that the reader truly understands the issue that is being discussed and also understand why it is important for one to explore and understand the issue. This of course will mean more explanations and descriptions of some issues that the reader may not be all that familiar with in relation to the issue. One need not explain the rather obvious things because this could make the reader less interested in the essay at a very early stage. As had already been stated, in this essay, the writer also needs to explore his or her view on the stated issue. After one is done with the introduction of the essay, one now moves to the body section where one is to explore the rhetorical situation of the essay. It is in this stage of writing that the writer examines several texts and includes the findings within the text in the essay papers.

While examining texts and integrating the information of the texts in the essay, one should ask oneself the kind of writing that the subject of obesity requires and examine the numerous ideas that have been published or discussed regarding the issue of obesity. The way one frames the words of the essay will greatly depend on the audience that one is targeting with the essay paper. One should consider the numerous different positions that the audience may hold and the aspects of the issue that the audience will be interested in. The writer also has to explain all the different positions held on the issue and finish up with the views that the writer shares on the issue. Normally for this essay, the writers own thoughts are included in the conclusion paragraph.

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