How to Fill in an Essay

There are times when you have to write an essay on a certain topic, you wrote a plan, you did a research to find more useful information, you wrote every single idea you could come up with, and there are still not enough words and your essay is way too short. No panic, there are some ideas that will help you fill in your essay with a lot of useful information.

Search for more information from alternative sources. It is always useful to find out more information about a topic from all the sources of information you can use. If you searched on the Internet, now try to find something in books or magazines in your local library. If you know a foreign language, that can be a great advantage. Have a look at foreign books or articles and chances are you may find something that your essay lacks.

Show alternative viewpoints. Many men, many minds. Two different people are very likely to have different viewpoints. Describe the problem form all possible perspectives. For example, if you are writing a paper in philosophy on Hegel’s understanding of freedom, you may include Kant’s concepts of the same problem. Everything is understood better when shown in comparison to something else. Thus, your essay will even improve if you do that.

Provide more evidence. Very often that’s not enough to enumerate ideas or problems. Your readers will not fully understand them unless you provide some facts or evidence. Give examples, show people facts from everyday life that can help understand the problem better, provide statistical data as it is easier to perceive numbers than abstract concepts.

Ask other people’s opinion. It would be wrong to think that you know or understand everything. Other people can express their opinion and it wouldn’t be absolutely right or wrong, it’s just other. So, if you ran out of fresh ideas, just ask somebody about the problem you have to deal with in your essay. This will not only help you fill in your essay, but also will show alternative viewpoints, which we have talked about a bit earlier.

Provide your own comment on facts. Of course, you can use lots of sources of information and compile a great essay using appropriate facts and quotations. On the other hand, it would be wrong not to include your own thoughts concerning the topic of your essay. In fact, your teacher is not interested in how you can copy and paraphrase other people’s thoughts. Your teacher wants to see that you understand what you are writing about. That’s why you should provide comments upon all the ideas and facts you use in your essay.

Writing an essay may be a challenge sometimes. You may feel that you are stuck and you cannot write any longer. You are short for words and new ideas. Use all the tips we have given you above. Sometimes even they may not help. Then just take a break, have a walk in the fresh air and you will certainly come up with new ideas much easier than before.

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