How to Write a Great Scholarship Essay

One of the most important things you can do for your academic success is research for scholarships. When you begin your scholarship research, you may be overwhelmed by all of the choices and this may get your writing juices flowing. However, many of these scholarships require an essay to qualify for winning the scholarship. You may not be able to only rely on your application qualifications and your school transcript. Many academic scholarships are awarded to students who submit quality essays. This way, academic institutions have another level of the selection process to differentiate students from each other. Reviewing original writing gives the selection committee an idea of who the students actually are and what they are about, as well as their ability to put ideas down on paper in a concise and intellectually stimulating way.

Read scholarship essay writing tips:
It is important that your essay stands out in the crowd and sets you apart from the other applicants in the best way possible. This is why it is important that your essay shows your personality, intellect and your academic intentions.

However, this should be done in an interesting and persuasive way, which requires some basic elements, such as:

  • Be sure you follow all instructions for the scholarship essay writing assignment or contest to the letter. The number one thing that can get you disqualified early on is submitting the wrong information to the selection committee.
  • Organize your thoughts and draw up an outline before you begin writing the essay. Hurriedly writing down jumbled ideas and random thoughts without an outline is not a good way to a quality essay. Be sure your outline covers all required instructions.
  • Do not write with too many flowery, big words. Make your writing concise and use simple language.
  • When you state your accomplishments, be sure not to sound cocky. Be humble but informative.
  • Above all, make sure your essay is properly proofread. You can do this yourself, but also allow someone else to go through it for you to be sure to catch any grammatical or spelling errors. How embarrassing would it be to have misspelled words and incorrect grammar in the essay? Do not do this.
  • When your essay is completed, proofread, and edited, be sure you give it a thorough look to be sure you have covered all required instructions and that the essay meets the standards set forth by these instructions.

In a nutshell; you want to be one of the students who receive the congratulatory letter, telling you that you have indeed earned a scholarship to help with your academic expenses, so be diligent and follow are requirements as stated.

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