Writing a Cause and Effect Essay on Divorce

Divorce has been on the rise recently. Many people find it hard to lead a married life, especially where their expectations in marriage fail to become reality.

In order to prepare a good cause and effect essay on divorce, the writer should develop four major sections on the same:

  1. The first section is the introductory paragraphs that provide the statistics of divorce in the country. The statistics help to tell whether divorce is actually a problem that should concern people or not. The statistics tell whether cases of divorce are increasing or decreasing. They also help in showing the age group that is mostly affected by the problem if it exists. For instance, the writer may want to show whether the highest number of divorces are those of young marriages or those of the older marriages.
  2. The second section of the essay should be the causes of divorce in society. Many people giver differing reasons as to why they divorced, but these causes can be grouped together in a manner that people can understand. For instance, the writer may show how poor communication and infidelity has contributed to divorce. Other possible causes may be financial or economic hardships, drug abuse, husband and wife battery, and childlessness among others. The writer can then rank these causes depending on the one that is believed to contribute the most to the increase of divorce in society.
  3. Once the writer completes the discussion of the root causes of divorce, he/she can then begin the third section of the essay that examines the effects of divorce in society. The writer should examine how divorce affects the lives of children, the divorced couples, and those of other members of society. The writer should compare the lives of the people who are living in stable marriages with those of divorced couples, and show whether the divorced had anything to gain or lose because of their decision. The writer should also focus on the future of the children of divorced parents, and find out the level of security that the children have. The issue of security varies from psychological, financial and it includes security from any external aggression.
  4. The fourth section of the essay is that of concluding remarks. The writer should summarize the points that he/she raised in the discussion, and use them to provide an insight into the future expectations of divorce in society. The writer should try to show how the family institution is changing, and what needs to be done in order to safeguard it as the key institution that shapes society.
  5. The writer must also proofread the entire paper and ensure that the ideas flow freely and are in proper succession. The writer should also show the link that the problems highlighted in the essay are caused by divorce and that they can be reduced, or even eliminated, by preventing divorce.

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