Definition Essay on Ambition

Webster’s defines ambition as “a particular goal or aim: something that a person hopes to do or achieve: a desire to be successful, powerful, or famous; a desire to do things and be active.

Generally in our society to be ambitious is considered a virtue. However, I am not too sure. Adolf Hitler was ambitious, so was Al Capone, but neither can be regarded as virtuous. Ambition is dangerous in my view unless it is directed to virtue. Success, whatever that means, powerful, and famous seem to me attributes of arrogance and pride.

Success, power, and fame are presented today as the keys to happiness, and the path to a worthwhile life. The media, self help books, pyramid schemes, lotteries are all geared to promote this illusion as reality. Men like Ford, Rockefeller, and other industrialists are held up as examples. Donald Trump and Bill Gates as well. Then Hollywood frames individuals, with money, success and fame. Tom Cruise, Elizabeth Taylor were crowned as being rich famous powerful and successful. The music industry does the same. It lifts up individuals who have extraordinary success, power and fame. Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. They were led to disaster, divorces, unstable marriages, suicides and drug overdoses. Politicians, such as Nixon found success, power, and fame destructive.

Ambition must be controlled, not in control, and not directed at such things as money, power, and fame. The power of ambition must be focused to the ordinary areas of life. Every person should have ambition to be a good person. There is no greater contribution you can make to your community than your goodness. The definition of goodness can include much, but in essence, you do well in your realm of influence not wrong, not evil.

It starts in the home. If you have the ambition to be a good person then add to it when you marry. Make it your ambition to be a good spouse. Loving, affectionate, faithful, and forgiving.

When the children arrive, make it your ambition to be a good father or mother. Be there for your children, understand them. Discipline them and guide them. Love them and provide for them food shelter clothing and education. Above all, provide them with a role model to follow. Or be good parent. At work, be sure to work responsibly and honestly. Develop your skills and seek to produce quality work. Use your money to nurture your family.

Get involved with your community. There are many needs in any community. Neighborhood Watch if there is one in your area. Approach the school and see how you can involve yourself in their PTA, and use your talents to strengthen their effort to educate the children. Your local church will be glad to receive a stable, co-operative willing worker to help them in their various ministries. Do not forget your aging parents to ensure they are comfortable and loved.

By so doing you may never be successful, powerful and famous. In fact, you will hardly be noticed among the millions of citizens around you. However, you will be rich in love, a hero to your children, an appreciated member of your community. And you will be happy, contented, and fulfilled.

Basic tips how to write a good definition essay about ambition:

  1. In your intro give a dictionary definition of the word ‘ambition’.
  2. Then give your definition, which should be the basis of your thesis statement.
  3. Now elaborate on your own definition. You can separate your different parts into separate paragraphs. In each paragraph, make a different point. You can use a variety of means to round out your definition.
  4. When you have finished make a summary of your points. Here you can tell what your definition has meant to you, and how it has affected your life. Ensure this supports your essay.

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