Essay on Chinese Food and Culture

What makes Chinese food special?
What makes Chinese food special is a question commonly asked by many people. Chinese delicacies are common and widely adored all over the world. The last Chinese cook is a book deeply inbuilt in expounding on Chinese food and their culture. When Maggie travels to China to know the whereabouts of her deceased husband, things turn out to be different than she expected. She sets out on a food research which later on yields impressive results. She manages to discover the deep insights of Chinese food. While on her food research, Maggie discovers how delicacies in China blend in with their tradition. Unlike other communities, the Chinese way of cooking is majorly depends on tradition. Chinese foods have a unique preparation mode; all cooking procedures are traditional. This shows the connection between Chinese delicacies and tradition. This is what makes Chinese food special.

What is the connection between modernity, tradition and professionalism?
Away from delicacies, the book brings out the living modes of Chinese people. This raises the question whether the Chinese community has embraced civilization or not. Tradition plays a key role in the way life is conducted in China. This is not meant to claim that the community has not adopted civilization. The book depicts China as a place where despite modernity taking over everything, tradition has its preserved place. Embracing tradition in China is evident in all sectors of life. The Chinese people embrace tradition in their religion, social life and even professionalism. This portrays how tradition is highly valued in china. What makes China unique is how its people embrace tradition passionately. Compared to America and many other places around the world, China stands out in preserving tradition. In other areas, tradition has been swept away by modernity. In such communities, it is very difficult to trace the influence of tradition. The ability to incorporate tradition and modernity is what makes China a unique place.

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