How to Write a Good Article Review

In order to write a good article review, one must first read the article and in order to ensure an understanding of the article from various perspectives. In most cases, it is quite helpful to read the article several times while taking note of the opening statements, headings, and the opening sentences of the article that is to be reviewed. After taking note of these sections of the article, one should then go back to the top of the article and read the article fully from the introduction to the conclusion. Reading the article a third time while highlighting the main points will help the reader to remember the main points of the article and include them when writing the review. As one is reading the article, it is important for the reviewer to think about their personal feelings as well as the perspective of the author.

A good article review should begin with details of the article including the article’s title, the author of the article, and the publication details of the order. The following paragraphs will then tell the reader about the opinion of the reviewer concerning the subject of the article and perhaps how it opinion differs from that written by a different author. The concluding paragraph should be short and provide a review of the article review. Continue reading How to Write a Good Article Review

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