Business Process Reengineering Essay

Norlane is restaurant that sells food to incoming customers. Usually these food elements are prepared at the restaurant and served once ordered by the customer. However, recently they have noticed that the number of incoming customers has decreased considerably, and this had affected their sales figures. As a result of that, they had to redefine how to deal with that problem and reclaim their position in the market.

Using business reengineering, Norlane, need to deliver their food services where it is most needed. This means that they would have to take food to places where people gather a lot including schools, universities, stadiums and airports. This also implies that they would have to gather more of their sales persons/messengers to make that process a success. Drivers may also have to be involved in this reengineering process. I picked this process since I have seen how food goes to waste when customers fail to visit their restaurant, and knowing very well that there is a remedy to such a problem. Some of the questions that I would need to ask about the current process: Were the customers satisfied with the food being served in the hotel, as this would help the management to reconsider introducing a new menu as far as the reengineering process is concerned. This means that I would have to interview some of their customers in order to get a hold of such information, which would be helpful as far as the reengineering process is concerned. Continue reading Business Process Reengineering Essay

Example essay on Outsourcing

Free example essay on Outsourcing:
Outsourcing is most certainly not a new concept. It has existed for thousands of years. It has only been called outsourcing beginning a few decades ago. Both humans and organizations throughout history have never completed all tasks by themselves. In fact, during the Age of Egypt, human beings provided goods and services to others, while during the Middle Ages, people came together to buy and sell goods and services at the village market.

While human society migrated from an agricultural to an industrial basis, there was an increase in the amount of goods and services being outsourced. Entire communities moved out of rural areas and into villages, turning them into towns and then eventually into cities. Fewer people raised their own livestock, grew their own produce, or completed tasks themselves. Tasks that required a highs skill level were always done by third parties, such as carpentry, building, etc. Continue reading Example essay on Outsourcing

Teams and Leadership Essay Example

Free example essay on Teams and Leadership:
This essay will discuss my experiences of teams and leadership. It will discuss my experience as a team member at work or outside work. It will also talk about my team membership experience within the unit teams and leadership and my experience as a leader. It will then go on to discuss the different stages that contribute to establishment of effective teams, roles of team members, evaluate my preferred role within a team, analyse the key functions of an effective team leader and finally assess the four main leadership styles and the context in which it may be most successful. I will commence this essay by defining teams and leadership and the different types of teams. I will then progress to my personal experiences.

A team can be defined as a group of people working together to achieve a certain goal and objectives. They usually have a defined task or tasks, which were already set, and everyone in the team has a specific or defined role to play. For example, a football team, every player has a role to play on the field in order to win. They are said to be dependent on each other’s efforts. An effective team is one that achieves its aim in the most efficient way and is then ready to take on more challenging tasks if so required. Members of an effective team are likely to be united in a common purpose, trust each other, be committed, be open with each other, accept consensus decisions, and support one another and work through conflict. There are probably no clear and finite stages of development. Here are some phases of team development. People sometimes distinguish between Hierarchical tams and Expect teams. Continue reading Teams and Leadership Essay Example

Business Research Design Essay

This memo is in response to the research study that you presented on behalf of the Board of Directors. Prior to making any business decision, it is imperative that all facts are clear and that there is absolutely no chance for error. Based on the information laid out in the study and related analysis, I would like clarification on a number of points. Clarification of these issues will enable me to make the best business decision for Hewlett Packard.

You indicate that your research involved face-to-face discussions with our 1,000 named accounts. Also included were the findings from the questionnaires sent to 1,000 unassigned accounts. The results indicated that the named accounts did not utilize the inside sales organization as it was originally designed to function. Instead, it was being utilized as a “back-up” system when the outbound representatives were not available. Continue reading Business Research Design Essay

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