Descriptive Essay on My Classroom

My classroom is tidy, clean, and airy. This is because it is regularly cleaned by the school custodial staff. Every morning, the school custodians open the windows of the class, clean the floor and then arrange the students’ desks so everything in the class is tidy before my classmates and I come to class. In order to maintain the classroom in a clean state, our teachers discourage us from eating or drinking anything when in class. Whenever someone breaks this rule and eats or drinks anything in the classroom, that student is punished by being asked to sweep and clean the whole classroom alone.

The classroom has very wide windows that let in plenty of light which then makes it easier for students to read their books. The wide windows also reduce the need to use artificial light. This is why the electric lights are only switched on early in the morning or late in the evening when it becomes dark. The wide windows of my classroom all have window panes that enable us to close and open the windows whenever we need to. For instance, when it starts raining, we use the panes to close the windows. My classroom has a front door that is green in color. The green color of the door matches my green cardigan, which is part of my school uniform. Continue reading Descriptive Essay on My Classroom

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