Narrative Essay on Life

Life is full of experiences, both negative and positive. These experiences serve as learning opportunities for every individual involved. It is unfortunate that most people do not learn valuable lessons from the experiences they have in life. In most cases, subjection to harsh conditions makes one realize that life is full of ups and downs. Often, many human activities undertaken during one’s lifetime cause a person to reflect on his/her past mistakes, taking care not to repeat the same errors later in their lives. Negative experiences take on different aspects as time passes on, to the extent that by the time a person becomes aged, he/she will have learnt numerous lessons.

One area from which one gains valuable lessons is through various relationships with others. People need each other, and so friendship is a major investment. Most people at some time in their lives choose the wrong person to consider as a trusted friend. Depending upon the circumstances of betrayal and the personality traits of the individual being betrayed, an individual may be reluctant to trust again. Continue reading Narrative Essay on Life

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