Cause and Effect Essay on Smartphones

Alexander Bell spoke “Mr. Watson – Come here – I want to see you.” And thus, the telephone was born. It went through stages of development until certain other technologies converged, namely computers, wireless, satellites, video, and internet. This resulted in first a cellular mobile phone using wireless. As these developed they became small handheld computers. This opened the way for internet access and video streaming. Today million people use smartphones. This technology is in fact shaping man’s needs. What are the economic effects of this technology?

Firstly, the industry is huge and supports development, manufacture, operational infrastructure, sales infrastructure, maintenance infrastructure.

All these translate in to dollars and jobs. Currently, 90% of smartphones are using either Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS mobile operating systems. Blackberry alone has manufactured more than 200 million smartphones for their brand. 49% of the entire U.S. population uses a smartphone.

By 2017, the percent of smartphone users is expected to reach 68%. This means that the smartphone manufacturing and sales industry is experiencing, and will continue to have exceptional growth, providing new jobs in their factories and market. The knock on effect will be a corresponding increase in profitability in the many sectors affected by the smartphone users. Continue reading Cause and Effect Essay on Smartphones

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