Essay on Social Media Policies

Question 1
The use of the social media platform has in the recent past been abused by some employees resulting in necessary actions being taken. Creation of a social media policy aimed at monitoring the way employees use the social media became an immediate response to the problem. It was revealed that social media have been used by employees to state negative comments about their employers or even the jobs they do (Akitunde, 2013). A good example is the case of an employee working for the Burger King company in Japan; he posted a picture in Instagram where he was lying on burger buns. There have also been cases of employees from Domino and Taco Bell pizza who engaged in unmentionable acts with food. All these employees were sacked for defamation and maligning their reputation. The impact of these actions was felt by companies as well as the public eating in the same fast foods.

Question 2
Regarding the decision made by the NLRB on the above case, sacking of the employees was the only solution able to save the situation. It’s very shaming and unhealthy to post compromising pictures with a food product consumed by millions of people in a day. Pictures like these create a bad reputation of the company involved, hence leading to a reduction in the number of sales (Akitunde, 2013). The other affected parties are the customers whose immediate response is to withdraw from such companies. In order to save the reputation of the companies, then taking appropriate actions is important for purposes of maintaining the integrity. Stern punishments and sacking are necessary to ensure that the rest of the employees maintain high ethical practices. Employees should thus learn to conduct themselves well by observing the social media policies. Continue reading Essay on Social Media Policies

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