How to Write an Expository Essay

Expository essays are assigned to university students regularly and had its own unique principles that need to be followed. An expository essay provides an explanation of something through the use of factual data. These facts are further explained by using clear and concise ideas. At the end of the expository essay, the writer should have been able to build an argument out of the facts. This can be achieved by using cause and effect analysis, comparison and contrast, as well as by giving definitions or further examples of the central topic.

We have provided a few steps that should help you write your expository essay:

1. Identify the main topic. If a certain topic has been already assigned to you then you have no choice but to work with it. However, if you are given the choice, do avoid using one that is too general or which is commonly used. Select a topic that is narrow and interesting, but has plenty of information to use.

2. Gather information relevant to the topic. To source your facts, we advise you use credible sources such as peer-reviewed journals, books and newspapers. Your facts may consist of statistical data, research findings, chronicles of previous events and other historical facts. Continue reading How to Write an Expository Essay

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