How to Get a Book Reviewed

When one is writing a book review, it is important to remember that the book review is both an evaluation and a description of the book that is being reviewed. A book review should focus on the purpose of the book that is being reviewed, the main contents of the book, and the authority that the author has over the issue that is being explored in the book.

Before reading the book, it is important to scan the book – including the title of the book, the preface, and the table of contents. This will give vital information on the author’s purpose for writing the book and how the book is organized. This will also give a reader the main ideas of the essay. Once one has taken note of the aforementioned preliminaries, and before writing the review, one should read the book several times. While reading the book one should take note of the impressions that the book gives the reader. Some of the issues that the reader should think about are which genre the book fits into and how the book fits into that genre. Continue reading How to Get a Book Reviewed

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