Hard-Rock Cafe and the Starbucks Cafe Essay

Brief company introduction
Starbucks and Hard Rock café are globally renowned companies in the restaurant sector. Starbucks Corporation was established in 1971 by Gordon Bowker, Jerry Balswin and Zev Siegl (Starbucks, 2013). It is famous American coffeehouse company that operates more than 20,000 stores in the United States and 62 other countries across the world. It has been ranked as the largest coffeehouse company globally. The cafe specializes in hot and cold beverages and snacks. Starbucks’ headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington, United States. On the other hand, Hard Rock Cafe is a renowned restaurant established in 1971 by Perter Moton and Isaac Tigrett (Hard Rock, 2013). It started with a single cafe located in London. Currently, the company operates 167 stores in 56 different countries across the world. It is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, United States, where the largest store is located. This paper compares the operations of Starbucks Cafe with those of Hard-Rock Café in Kuwait.

Comparison of the operations
Starbucks and Hard Rock Cafe have similar attributes in terms of the location of their cafes. Starbucks stores are situated in highly visible places. These include centralized cities. Eventually, the company expands into nearby markets. This explains why Starbucks operates 20,891 cafes in various countries across the world. However, more than half of these cafes are located in the United States. Other countries with more stores include Canada, Japan, China, South Korea, United Kingdom, Mexico , Germany, the Philippines and Turkey. In a similar way, Hard Rock Cafes are located in major cuties. Since most of its customers are tourists, Hard Rock has often targeted locations that are perceived to be destination cities as ideal locations for its cafes. Besides the Hard Rock Cafes in Kuwait, the company has other 166 cafes in major destination cities across 56 counties across the world. Continue reading Hard-Rock Cafe and the Starbucks Cafe Essay

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