How to Write a Book Report

There will be many opportunities to write book reports throughout your school career. It might be for a Literature class, or it might be a class in your area of study. Just as there are different kinds of literature, there are several ways to write a book report. This informational article will cover two different kinds of books: fiction and non-fiction. Which ever style of book you are doing a report on, the first step is to read the book! This may sound silly to say, but sometimes in an effort to save time, students will try to report on a book they have never read. It is a good idea to make some notes as you read about important characters or information you may want to include in your report.

After you have finished reading the book, you may also want to read a character analysis, summary, or what others have had to say about the relevance of the information in the book. Be sure if you are going to refer to these outside references or quote from them, they will need to be properly cited and credited. Now you are ready to write a book report. Your report will be better if you make some kind of a plan. This could be an outline or just the notes that you took as you read. Arrange the information you want to include into an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. What kind of information you include will depend on the type of book that you are reporting on. Continue reading How to Write a Book Report

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