How to Make a Good Annotated Bibliography

The list of sources used for conducting a research is, as a rule, entitled as “References” or “Works Cited” and includes general information about the author, title, date of publication, the state, and the publisher, as well as the number of pages in the books, articles, manuals, used for composing this or that piece or other types of writing.

An annotated bibliography is quite a different kind of written assignment. It presupposes not only gathering and organizing existing publications, but also precisely summarizing them.

Thus, you will need to identify general information about the sources (author, title, etc.), and you can also add your own input from reading them. If you are to compose the annotated bibliography on a certain topic, you will need to critically evaluate every entry and present your own reflection in the paper. Also, you should present the bibliographical list in every entry individually. This means that if you want to analyze several sources at one time, you are free to do this. Continue reading How to Make a Good Annotated Bibliography

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