Informal Essay Writing Tips

Informal essays are those types of essays that are composed for pleasure but this does not imply that they do not have to be informative. Rather these essays can also be informative even though the main purpose of such essays is to reveal the writer’s talents or ability in informal writing. These essays are also usually written for the purpose of the writer communicating their perspective on an issue of event.

Informal essays could be different in the way that they are written because these essays are written in a way that is less rigid compared so formal essays but when it comes to organization, this essay has to be written according to a well organized plan. Some of the other key features that could help one distinguish between an informal essay and a formal one includes an informal essay being much more personal compared to any other kind of writing. In relation to being personal, such essays may deal with issues such as the author’s religious beliefs and personal experiences or may take on controversial issues such as mercy killing or even abortion. When writing such an essay, the writer of this essay should design it in such a way as to make it feel or look like a conversation. This means that you should engage the audience by taking on perceived views of the audience and arguing for or against them. Continue reading Informal Essay Writing Tips

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