How to Write a Master’s Thesis

In order to write a good Master’s thesis, one has to learn the structure of a thesis paper and also know the kind of details that should be included in certain sections of the thesis paper. Two of these sections are the title page and the abstract. A thesis always begins with a title page which includes the following features: the title or topic of the dissertation paper, the author of the dissertation, the institution that the writer is writing the dissertation paper for, the department of the institution that the author is writing for, the date of delivery of the dissertation paper, the research mentors, advisor and the contacts of the institution.

After the title page is the abstract which will basically summarize the whole paper’s research and condense it into one paragraph. The abstract begins by a sentence indicating why the paper is important or why a reader should be interested in whatever is in paper.

After this sentence, the rest of the abstract provides a summary of the major issues and results of the research and if possible, it can also provide some numerical figures that support the findings. The concluding sentences of the abstract explain the main implications of the work done in the research paper. Most research papers demand that an abstract be short perhaps around 150 words, but it can go up to 400 words if the writer finds it necessary to include extra information. While the abstract may contain some words from cited sources, no citations are supposed to be included in the abstract. The abstract is supposed to be written in a way that it provides answers to certain questions that are likely to be lingering in the mind of the reader.

Those questions may be what the writer has done to tackle the problem, the reason behind the writer deciding to tackle the problem, the question that the reader was trying to tackle in the essay, how the writer decided to tackle the question, the methods that the writer used in tackling the research question, the lessons drawn from the research, the major results from the research, why these results mater, or the significant implications of the findings of the research. After these first two sections, the rest of the paper will consist of a table of contents which will include the main and subtopics of the essay and the page numbers where the information can be found. The list of figures and tables follow. Once all these are done, you should proceed to write the body of the work beginning with an attention drawing introduction which some people prefer to write after completing the essay.

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