How to Do a Capstone Project

Undergraduate students in many educational institutions learn a lot of things. These are meant to prepare them for more intense work as seen in capstone projects. Capstone projects to undergraduate students are like water emptying into a large tank. These projects present students with different scenarios, narrow enough that they can handle them, but the end opens up a larger scene. At the end of a capstone project, students are likely to graduate and begin a project that will produce much more credit as far as academics are concerned. However, there are few steps that students need to know about how to do a capstone project.

Most institutions require students to sign up for capstone classes, where they are guided through the process. At such a point, it is good to identify with an adviser from the related department and seek to know what is expected from a capstone project. It is important to narrow it down to a single project. Often, institutions require a research paper of about ten to thirty pages, which has to follow the requirements of the related department. Research is probably the most difficult part of the capstone project, thus one must choose a topic within a field that is of interest to you.

Most projects last a semester or more. An abstract and proposal should be submitted to the adviser, or the capstone head. There is always inadequate time to research the topic and students should not waste a second. This will help in giving the project a viewpoint. Choosing an entirely new topic has challenges and the student should ascertain that there is enough information with regards to the topic. Having done so, then one should then write a draft, edit, and redraft the research paper again. The format should also be subject to the requirements of the college, or the department, and should include between five to ten sources within-text citations.

Finally, the corrected draft of the paper should be submitted, and preparation done to present and defend the paper; either in front of a faculty, or a capstone class. It is the review committee that will give an opinion on the paper by pointing out accomplishments and grey areas alike. Capstone projects are crucial, especially for fields, like the sciences, which delve into research. Thus, students must take their time and do the best they can when writing their capstone projects. The undergraduate degree will not be awarded without sufficient credit for the capstone project. All the writing and research should prepare the students for further work or another project of the same sort. In a nutshell, the project should be done with utmost care.

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