How to Write a Literature Review for College

If you are a college student, you will have to write a literature review sooner or later. That’s why it’s better to be well prepared for that. There are a number of steps every person who writes a review has to take, be it a book review, a poetry review, or a movie review. It can be difficult at times, but at the same time you have a great opportunity to enjoy reading a literature masterpiece and understand it better.

The first step is choosing a book. Do not underestimate the importance of it and do not pick a random one. Wouldn’t it be great to read and review a book you are interested in? Pay attention to the author and the genre, try to remember what you have heard about it, including the book’s peculiarities. Once you have chosen a book, you may start reading it. It is advisable that you read it twice. Have you ever experienced the feeling that you haven’t noticed half of the important details for the first time, but all of them become apparent while you watch a movie or read a book for the second time? So, start reading a book and take all important notes concerning important details or what has impressed you most.

When you read a book for the second time, try to think of everything you have written down before and look for new facts or ideas which remained unnoticed before. When you are ready, mull over everything that is worth writing about in your review. Despite the fact that a review is your subjective view on the problem, be sure to use proper English, follow the common rules of academic writing. Be creative while writing – pay attention to small details, try to guess what message the author wanted to convey, or whether the problems described in the book are still relevant nowadays. Analyze the subject-matter and the peculiarities of the plot and writing style. You can also do it in comparison to other similar works of that genre or period in literature. No matter how profound your analysis is, always try to write a compelling text. Make a reader interested in what you write.

In fact, writing a literature review is a time-consuming task. You have to find enough time to both read, analyze, and write. However, it can be a challenging task for a student. If you find literature review writing way too difficult for you, feel free to contact us and get expert help with your task. One of our capable and experienced writers will be assigned to your order and you will get the result you will definitely like.

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