How to Write a Personal Statement Paper

Your university of choice can get a better idea of who you are, what you are about, and how well you will fit into the university culture with a well-prepared and well-written personal statement. This is why it is important that your personal statement is an accurate reflection of your personality traits as well as your intelligence. Also, your personal statement should be persuasive and interesting.

Do Not Be a Carbon Copy
It is important that you set yourself apart from the norm and from the crowd. Do not submit a cookie cutter, generic personal statement paper. The admission committee is attracted to insightful submissions that are interesting and revealing. As well, they focus on strong personal traits that show you are not afraid to open yourself up.

What to Include

It is important not to include unnecessary information but it is good to be detailed, just concise. You should include elements such as:

  • Anything special or unique about you that is distinctively a reflection of your personal strong points.
  • Anything impressive about you. Have you received any awards or do you participate in relevant events or do you have any notable accomplishments? Are you an athlete?
  • Anything you have learned about the field you are applying to such as in classes, through self-study, via seminars, or by work or internship experiences.
  • Your goals and aspirations for your career and other plans for your life.
  • Overcoming any obstacles before coming this far in your academic career. Tell the committee this. It will give them a sense of how well you cope in the face of adversity.
  • Outstanding personal characteristics you possess such as tenacity, integrity, persistence, or perseverance. Let them know about your excellent work ethic and your great grades.
  • Your leadership abilities. Include any leadership experience you have from work, school, church, etc.
  • Any community service you have been involved with. Let the committee know that you are concerned about more than just yourself.

Your Story
Your personal statement is basically a short story about you; however, you should be sure to make it an interesting read. Include things that will make the committee remember you such as over-the-top or exceptional qualities or past performances. In addition, it is a good idea to make the opening paragraph of your personal statement “pop”. This is the most important area that should grab the attention of the committee. They have a lot of personal statements to go through. So, tell them who you are in a colorful way. Tell them how you function and what makes you tick. Tell them how you are different from the other applicants.

That is it. Simply present yourself as the best applicant they have ever encountered and expect your acceptance letter.

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