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Sample Research Paper on Domestic Violence

The list of celebrity batterers from the sports world alone is a long one, which includes the notorious O.J. Simpson, boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, baseball star Daryl Strawberry, former University of Alabama basketball coach Wimp Sanderson, former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson (cited by ex-wife Robin Givens and subsequently convicted of raping Miss Black Rhode Island), California Angels pitcher Donnie Moore (who shot and wounded his estranged wife, Tonya, before killing himself in 1989), and Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman Blenda Gay (stabbed to death in 1976 by his battered wife, Roxanne, who said she acted in self-defense). The list of entertainers named as batterers is also lengthy and star-studded. Tina Turner reported in her autobiography that husband Ike abused her for years. Ali McGraw described the violent assaults of Steve McQueen. Sheila Ryan sued her then-husband James Cann in 1980, alleging that he had beaten her. Madonna accused Sean Penn, and Daryl Hannah named Jackson Browne. Tommy Lee was accused of kicking Pamela Anderson while she held their son. These scandalous incidents make major news for the newspapers and tabloid television, but battering continues to be commonplace in the everyday world. It is thought by many as “no big deal” or “a family matter”. Nicole Brown Simpson told a police dispatcher, “He’s going nuts”. That 911 call was played and replayed on television and radio. For the first time, Americans were in the midst of a terrifying incident called “domestic violence” and they could hear for themselves the terror that millions of American women live with every day. Continue reading Sample Research Paper on Domestic Violence

Sample Essay on Politics

Machiavelli has widely been called the “father of modern political thought”.

His thoughts upon deception, the nature of the state, the need for a leader to avoid hatred and his innovative method of political study were revolutionary at their time of writing and are still applicable to modern politics.

Whilst it is true that his thoughts and hypothesis about politics are widely relevant to modern politics it must be remembered that Machiavelli lived in an age vastly different to the modern societies thus it is possible to question Machiavelli’s thoughts in relation to certain issues, specifically here religion. Overarching Machiavelli’s thoughts are still relevant to modern politics.

The best texts to study in analyzing Machiavelli’s relevance to modern politics are The Prince, as the text was intended as a guide to a political leaders (princes) morals and how the state should be ruled, and The Discourses as it is involving Machiavelli’s “political method and is a study of previous political history”.

Machiavelli describes The Prince as “The truth about surviving as a monarch, rather then recommending lofty moral ideals” (Fieser, 2003, web reference)

Thus if one can apply Machiavelli’s concepts to modern politics, Machiavelli’s thought can be regarded as relevant to modern politics. Continue reading Sample Essay on Politics

Example Research Paper on Death Penalty

In recent years the death penalty has been a topic of heated debate and controversy. The purpose behind it to some seems unclear, while to others it seems as a blatantly obvious solution to violent crime. There is a belief among many that it is impossible to reform a cold-blooded killer. One solution, the death penalty is the most extreme form of justice and is often a sensitive subject to many. The process of determining and carrying out the fate of the convicted is an intricate and extensive process with many certain rituals. The functions and meaning of the ritual elements of the death penalty in modern history is to make it less arbitrary and more humane than it has been in the past. Continue reading Example Research Paper on Death Penalty

Sample Research Paper on Capital Punishment

“Last year I was against the reintroduction of hanging. This January my son was forcibly taken from a park near our home where he was playing with some of his friends. His unclothed body was found three days later. He was six. Now I would be happy to hang the murderer myself. No one can understand the grief the victim`s family has to bear. No one really cares. Everyone wants to protect the killer, my son was six, who protected him?”

Each year an unbelievably vast amount of acts of indecency are committed against minors in the United Kingdom. In 1995 there were 260,300 reported cases of attempted rape or completed rapes of children under the age of 12. Convicted rapists report that two-thirds of their victims were under 18 and 58% of those said their victims were 12 or under. This data is in accordance to the Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics report.

This research paper aims to discuss the facts and arguments as to whether capital punishment is a suitable means in bringing a satisfactory amount of justice to those involved. Continue reading Sample Research Paper on Capital Punishment

Sample Essay on Children

The new generation of children is upon us, in this vastly great area we call home. The question is whether or not children are too protected, and what the implications are for society. I disagree that today’s children are too protected. Personally, I think the new generation of children are protected enough. Times may have change since the days of when our parents are younger, but there are even more dangers now that the new generation has to deal with. We have students shooting their classmates. Then we have people listening to the lyrics of some music and emulating what the artist is saying in the lyrics. The children of the past were definitely protected more than the children of today. I remember my mom telling me that if her parents didn’t know one of her friends, that she could not go out with that person. Well these days, I feel parents are being really relaxed with that these days. Continue reading Sample Essay on Children

Example Essay on College

As the first semester of my freshman year in college wines down I look back to and think of my high school days. It seems so long ago; so different. It feels as though it could have been have been years ago. In this short time away at college it seems that I have changed a great deal. I have grown a lot in these few months. My high school memories are so different from my life here at college. It feels as though as we move on from high school to college we move on to a different world. A world were we must be responsible for ourselves.

Going from high school to college is a major transition in life. Both high school and college are important chapters of our lives, but they are very different chapters. In going from one of these stages in life to the other we change; friends, lifestyles, eating habits, and even homes. College is a different world from high school, and the change is very sudden and can sometimes be hard to adjust to. In making the transition one must always be careful to balance what one wants and what one needs to do. Continue reading Example Essay on College

Sample Essay on English

This article can be seen as a review of different interpretations of the term “Communicative Competence” by different authorities, starting with Savignon’s basic communication skills to a more incorporating framework of Communicative Language Ability by Bachman. In comparing what components are included and how they are categorized and sequenced, the article addresses points of confusion in those theories. As concerns the implementation of Communicative Competence as a goal of English language teaching, broad implications are discussed which is followed by a case study is presented in the context of teaching English to undergraduate English major students in China. The article ends with an examination of and suggestions on appropriate goals of language teaching within the context. Continue reading Sample Essay on English

Example Essay on Terrorism

Terrorism has not been a stranger to the America History. During the early days of the republic, hundreds of Americans were taken hostage of the high seas by the Barbary Pirates of North Africa. Their sufferings evoked great sympathy in the country and led to the first Arms-For-Hostages Deal and the first counter military operation in the US history. But although anti-US terrorism has been a frequent event overseas, relatively few spectacular incidents have occurred on the American soil. The bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 killed 6 people and left thousands injured when a car bomb exploded in an underground parking garage of one of the twin towers. Yet as shocking as that incident was, it had all but faded from public attention by spring 1995. The American people believed that the worst was behind them. Continue reading Example Essay on Terrorism

Sample Essay on Love

Literature has a profound affect on societal views. Throughout history women have been susceptible to the influence of written word. Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac and Flaubert’s Madame Bovary illustrate how literature has shaped women’s views of how love should exist. “Flaubert depicts the trivial but persuasive ways in which a powerful style of being comes to affect the expectations which the most unremarkable people have of life” (Bersani xiii). Emma’s illusions of love are attributed to the novels and fashion magazines she thrives upon. Roxanne’s love for Christian is fueled by Cyrano’s love letters. Without these mediums, their love is weakened. Each character is dependent on a romantic view of love rather than the truth of reality until it is too late. Roxanne’s reality is that her poetic lover is not Christian, and she has inadvertently fallen for Cyrano. Emma’s reality is that Charles’ love is pure and real but not satisfactory enough for her idealistic needs. Love is a complicated emotion when literature becomes the central underlying force. Continue reading Sample Essay on Love

Example Essay on Life

Life in outer space? A figment of our wildest imagination or reality? This age old question has been lingering in the heads of human minds since the beginning of reasonable thinking. Today, these questions still remain unanswered, although extensive research has been conducted by scientists across the globe for many years now. There is an immense amount of existing evidence that suggests to us that life exists beyond Earth’s boundaries, into the gigantic universe surrounding Earth itself.

In short, most biologists now believe that life is an inevitable consequence, given enough time and the right kind of environment, of the basic physical and chemical laws of the universe (Chandler, 3).

It is clear to present day scientists that the possibility of life flourishing in outer space relies on favorable conditions or environments within a given area in a solar system. Continue reading Example Essay on Life

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