Sample Essay on Children

The new generation of children is upon us, in this vastly great area we call home. The question is whether or not children are too protected, and what the implications are for society. I disagree that today’s children are too protected. Personally, I think the new generation of children are protected enough. Times may have change since the days of when our parents are younger, but there are even more dangers now that the new generation has to deal with. We have students shooting their classmates. Then we have people listening to the lyrics of some music and emulating what the artist is saying in the lyrics. The children of the past were definitely protected more than the children of today. I remember my mom telling me that if her parents didn’t know one of her friends, that she could not go out with that person. Well these days, I feel parents are being really relaxed with that these days. I disagree that children of today are too protected because of violence in lyrics, home situations, and how the media in society tributes on how parents don’t protect their children enough.

Children of the new millennium are not too protected; if anything the children are barely protected. It sickens me when parents blame music and TV that cause their children to do unspeakable acts. Irresponsible parents use the media as an excuse for the lack of interest in their children’s lives. Parents who know their children’s thoughts and feelings towards things give the best protection to a child. Some parents like to sit their children in front of the television to keep them occupied, but what some parents may not know is that some programs that they let their children watch may not be all that healthy. Some parents go as far to blame celebrities in society today. Some celebrities, like Marilyn Manson are not trying to be role models. I bet that is why the parents of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, the murderers of the columbine massacre, tried to find an excuse for their actions. In my opinion, I listen to all sorts of music, but I never act upon the lyrics, because that’s what they said to do in the song. If they really thought about it, if they were so concerned with their children, why didn’t they take away the music or the TV program that might harm their children? Well, maybe they didn’t read that part of the protecting your child from dangerous and hazardous material? Oops, someone must have skipped over that part in the manual! If parents want to really protect their children, they can start by listening to some of music they listen, and start watching some TV programs their child may watch.

Home situations also contribute on the protection of children. Many children grow up around alcoholism maybe with one parent or both. Children may also grow up with having being mentally and physically abused by a parent. During my parents’ generation, children really didn’t have to deal with alcoholics in the family or being abused. There was not enough money to get drunk off of if you had to support a family. During my parents youth, which was a time when everyone was cared for one another, and children were really protected by their parents and other siblings. Now it seems like the children of the new generation have to rely on themselves or others, because some parents are not fit to be parents. Most parents will keep their children in a horrible environment, just to get something that the parent might need. Well what about the children’s need? The children need to know that they are loved, and can come to their parent with any problem. The new generation, if they can’t get the protection they need from their parents; will go out and seek it somewhere necessarily where they wouldn’t normally find it. I know from experience, my parents have been more protective of me because, people are a lot crazier these days, then they were back during my parents youth. Its to the point where, a person can’t go to school without worry about will someone go off and shoot up the school. Honestly I feel that if parents of today, can’t be more protective of their children, then they should give their child to someone who can provide more protection and love.

The media in society plays a part in our children’s protection. The media provides the five major W’s in society. I don’t know if its just me or not but the media today likes to focus on the negative instead of the positives in the world. The reporters seem to talk more about killers than heroes. I have noticed that reporters will write about a killer sometimes more than a week, while hero that may have jumped into a burning school will only be mentioned for maybe a day or two. I think the media has turned criminals into folk heroes for our children to worship. Some may feel a good way to protect our children is by banning horror books and violent movies. After all of that could be done, all the child has to turn on the news. The news shows the most violence, and it’s easy to turn on and not get in trouble for watching. I feel have a good talk with your child when they are old enough to understand why you are being over protected of them is because you love them and you care about them.

Through violence in lyrics, home situations, and media in society I have disagreed with that children are too protected. I am fortunate enough to have responsible parents who have taught me right from wrong. Children that bring guns to school, and commit over unsafe acts, should not be allowed to watch or listen to anything violent until they can grasp the reality of these acts when they are performed in real life. Society looks at children as a reflection of their parents, and some of those reflections are not giving a good image on how parents raise their children in this world.

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