Writing a Cause and Effect Essay on Divorce

Divorce has been on the rise recently. Many people find it hard to lead a married life, especially where their expectations in marriage fail to become reality.

In order to prepare a good cause and effect essay on divorce, the writer should develop four major sections on the same:

  1. The first section is the introductory paragraphs that provide the statistics of divorce in the country. The statistics help to tell whether divorce is actually a problem that should concern people or not. The statistics tell whether cases of divorce are increasing or decreasing. They also help in showing the age group that is mostly affected by the problem if it exists. For instance, the writer may want to show whether the highest number of divorces are those of young marriages or those of the older marriages.
  2. The second section of the essay should be the causes of divorce in society. Many people giver differing reasons as to why they divorced, but these causes can be grouped together in a manner that people can understand. For instance, the writer may show how poor communication and infidelity has contributed to divorce. Other possible causes may be financial or economic hardships, drug abuse, husband and wife battery, and childlessness among others. The writer can then rank these causes depending on the one that is believed to contribute the most to the increase of divorce in society. Continue reading Writing a Cause and Effect Essay on Divorce

Good Scholarship Essay Writing Tips

While looking for a suitable scholarship program, you can easily notice that writing an essay is the most widespread task you are required to do in order to get a scholarship. Well, it is clear that every student needs to write well, that’s why your skills and knowledge will be checked in such a way.

Frankly speaking, essay writing may seem quite a typical task, part of every student’s routine. On the other hand, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of writing a scholarship essay well. The better you will cope with the task, the more likely you will get the scholarship. So, our task now is to define the key principles of successful scholarship writing.

First of all, you should really pay attention to the title of your essay. Sometimes you may be given the title and you cannot change it. If this is the case, read it several times paying attention to small details and try to figure out how it should relate to the content of an essay you are going to write. If you have an opportunity to choose the topic, think of all the things you are good at and choose the one that is somehow connected to the field of study you have chosen. Continue reading Good Scholarship Essay Writing Tips

How to Write a Personal Essay

It may sound strange, but writing a personal essay can cause mixed feelings. On the one hand, it is always great to have an opportunity to write what you think, not what you have to write. On the other, is it always easy for you to express exactly what you think or what you feel? There is no doubt that many of us have felt being at a loss for words at the moment when we had to say something important, but didn’t know how to. So, what does writing a personal essay actually mean?

As it is understood from the word “personal”, this kind of essay is written to represent your thoughts and opinions. Moreover, you don’t even have to prove the are true. You can write how you really see a particular situation without worrying whether your ideas are true. It is great because nobody knows your attitude towards a subject better than you. So, all you have to do is to express all your thoughts on paper. However, it is not always easy to do. First of all, it is possible that one person has doubts and controversial thoughts. It is not always clear what you think or feel. So, this can be a great obstacle while writing such an essay. Even if you face such a problem, you may describe both your ideas, or just choose one and stick to it. All in all, a personal essay is not as difficult to write as you may think. Continue reading How to Write a Personal Essay

Free Tips for Writing a Definition Essay

When one is asked to write a definition essay, one should keep in mind that they are expected by the end of the essay to have explained what a certain term or terms imply. The steps that you are expected to follow while writing such an essay include narrating to the readers of the essay the terms that are to be defined in the essay, presenting lucid and basic information of the terminologies and using anecdotes of facts and examples that the reader is likely to understand while defining the essay.

One of the important parts of writing this kind of an essay is the selection of the right definition and this is because one has to properly understand the term before one can embark in the process of defining it so others can also understand it like one does. One may start from reading a dictionary to get the meaning of a term but when writing this kind of an essay, one should not copy the definition in the dictionary but should make use of one’s own words when providing a definition that one sees as appropriate. Continue reading Free Tips for Writing a Definition Essay

Informal Essay Writing Tips

Informal essays are those types of essays that are composed for pleasure but this does not imply that they do not have to be informative. Rather these essays can also be informative even though the main purpose of such essays is to reveal the writer’s talents or ability in informal writing. These essays are also usually written for the purpose of the writer communicating their perspective on an issue of event.

Informal essays could be different in the way that they are written because these essays are written in a way that is less rigid compared so formal essays but when it comes to organization, this essay has to be written according to a well organized plan. Some of the other key features that could help one distinguish between an informal essay and a formal one includes an informal essay being much more personal compared to any other kind of writing. In relation to being personal, such essays may deal with issues such as the author’s religious beliefs and personal experiences or may take on controversial issues such as mercy killing or even abortion. When writing such an essay, the writer of this essay should design it in such a way as to make it feel or look like a conversation. This means that you should engage the audience by taking on perceived views of the audience and arguing for or against them. Continue reading Informal Essay Writing Tips

How to Write a Good English Essay in an Exam

All students know that sooner or later the time will come when they have to take an exam. Chances are you will agree that it is not the most pleasant activity in students’ life. People are afraid of exams, and that’s the reason they are very nervous and even sweat bullets. Actually, there is nothing special about every exam. You just have to concentrate on what you have to do, and you will not even notice how you’ve stopped worrying. Pull yourself together, think fast, and do your best to succeed. Anyway, there are certain tips you are likely willing to know to show good results in your written exam.

Very often you have to write an essay in your exam. There is no doubt you have written at least one before, so you should know how it all works. But there is a significant difference between writing an essay at home and in an exam. What you have to do is to read your topic attentively and try to figure out what you are supposed to write about. Have no ideas at all? You had better have a piece of paper to write a draft copy of your essay first. Continue reading How to Write a Good English Essay in an Exam

How to Write a College Reflective Essay

Before learning how to write a college reflective essay, one has to know what a reflective essay is so one can know how to go about writing it. A reflective essay is the kind of paper that is designed to reiterate what the student has been learning throughout a semester, through discussions, through studying essays, reading and activities that one has done in class. Most reflective essays are brief and are approximately 3 pages in length and, in most cases, entail writing about personal perceptions, reactions and thoughts, about a particular issue that has been discussed in class. Such papers are also done in collaboration with classmates although, in some situations, students are asked to write their own paper without collaborating with classmates. Continue reading How to Write a College Reflective Essay

How to Write a Response Essay to Literature

If one of the subjects you are studying is literature, then you will definitely be required to write a number of literature response papers. In order to graduate from your college with good grades you need to write a flawless paper. Writing a literature response essay paper basically implies that one will be doing more than just writing about the content of a certain article.

The implication is that you will actually be responding to the content of the literature using specific literary methods of response. These methods of responding to the content of a literature piece can be formal, semi formal, or totally informal depending on the requirements of the response paper. Regardless of the level of formality that one is supposed to use when writing an essay, a writer should at all times remember that this response paper is to be a personal view, or what someone actually thinks when reading it. Basically, what one is required to do while writing this kind of a paper is to argue your own points as depicted in your thesis statement, and then defend one’s perceptions, using content or evidence that has been drawn from the literature. Continue reading How to Write a Response Essay to Literature

How to Write a Deductive Essay

A deductive essay is written by using the logical interpretation as used in a deductive argument. Such types of arguments are dependent on the underlying idea, which says that situations are provided which will result in a logical ending.

The principle involves in this type of thinking says that whenever an individual is provided with enough knowledge, they are able to come up with solutions, or lead themselves to a logical ending.

Deductive analysis is not too unusual, although an individual may not grasp it. It takes an analytical progression while having a likely destination. Usually individuals do this without thinking about it consciously. A deductive essay is quite similar to deductive reasoning as it follows the same path, supporting it with logic. Still, a deductive essay may not contain a usual thesis since the thesis is likely to be the ending. These kinds of essays show the logic created by considering many perspectives of life, for example, the law and detective work. Such kind of logical progression was brought to the fore in Greek philosophy, and it is also utilized in education to make sure the subject is understood and to ensure comprehension of the logical movement of thoughts. Continue reading How to Write a Deductive Essay

How to Write a Classification Essay

Quite often students find writing a classification essay time-consuming and full of problems. But these can all be avoided, or at least dealt with, when these students consult how to write a classification essay texts and sites. With the Internet age, students generally need not grapple with difficult things at the expense of their own grades and happiness. Experts have come out in great numbers to provide students with the best ways to go about solving their problems. Consulting these sources makes writing the classification essay easier. Writing the classification essays is not just about the concept, but by writing the essay, the students learn to group or categorize things in accordance to some known principle. After giving the categorization it is important to justify by examples that are relevant and simple.

Perhaps the most important thing in writing the classification essay, and that element most ‘how to write a classification essay’ experts stress, is the fact that the grouping has to be logical. One has to come up with the categories that best suit the situation and then go on to write about these. It is the conformity to this pattern that makes the papers involving. You should not ever deviate from the set principle. A classification essay, just like any other essay, follows the basic steps of writing, which are the introduction, the body and the conclusion. The classification essay ought to have a thesis statement in which the writer states the criteria that he/she is going to use to classify the objects in question. Deviation from the principle of organization can make the whole essay become irrelevant. Continue reading How to Write a Classification Essay

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