5-Page Essay on Bullying

Bullying can be described or defined in a number of ways. Many perceive bullying to be incidents of peer victimization or harassment, mostly among children and adolescents. However, bullying also takes place among adults, in the workplace and within the neighborhood. Bullying can entail interactions between a single bully and his victim, a single bully and several victims, multiple bullies and a single victim, and multiple bullies and multiple victims.

Furthermore, bullying can occur as an aggressive exchange between individuals who are friends. One should note that the term bullying is most often used to describe social interactions rather than the participants in the social interaction.

Bullying is an issue that has always existed, currently exists, and will always exist. Bullies are everywhere: on the playground, in the classroom, on the school bus, in the lunch line, and even in school dressing rooms–basically, everywhere.

Bullying occurs in a number of ways. Some incidents involve name-calling, intimidation, vandalizing of personal property, and coercion. Studies have shown that some individuals are more prone to being bullied than others. For instance, children with learning disabilities tend to attract bullies who ridicule them. In addition, people who are noticeably different from the others in his community will attract the attention of bullies.

Even though school authorities have always been aware of issues connected with bullying, it is only recently that schools have started taking measures to discourage bullying within their institutions. Children who are bullied need to be provided with support and protection.

The issue of addressing bullying should not be left to teachers and school administrators. Parents, family members, and friends must be proactive in discouraging bullying and in helping victims of bullying. All individuals in society should educate themselves about the different forms bullying takes, what to do if they witness an incident or are themselves targeted, and how to avoid becoming a victim of bullying.

Bullies can be categorized into several groups, one of which is the social bully. He or she is an individual who spreads rumors, taunts, teases and gives people the silent treatment. Social bullies first appear friendly but eventually torment victims until they get what they want. The other type is the confident bully who is always loud and displays a lot of attitude. This kind of bully enjoys having power over his or her victims. A third type of bully is the hyperactive bully who is impulsive and easily loses his temper. He rarely makes friends.

5-page essay writing tips:
Given that the issue of bullying is very complex, one cannot adequately discuss all issues within a five-page essay. So, if one is expected to write a five-page essay on the topic, one should chose three to five main ideas to explore and discuss. Of course, every essay should begin with an introductory paragraph in which one defines bullying either from a personal perspective or from the perspective of other individuals. One could also explore how it occurs, who it involves, and the different kinds of bullying.

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