Exploratory Essay on Domestic Violence

Regardless of one’s walk in life or in what geographic location one lives, domestic violence exists. The problem is not reserved to a particular group, such as industrialized nations or those that are developing or under-developed. Citizens of industrialized nations may face domestic violence like other countries do, but it may manifest in forms that are different from the ones witnessed in developing countries. Humanitarian organizations and feminist movements are particularly vocal when it comes to addressing domestic violence. The term “domestic violence” brings to mind the mistreatment of children, physical abuse of spouses, as well as neglect of elderly persons in family settings. Incidents include, but are not limited to, acts such as physical beatings, deprivation of basic needs, and subjection to psychological trauma.

Countries that excuse domestic violence, regardless of how inconsequential it might appear, have not yet arrived at a state of true civilization. There is nothing civilized in beating a woman just to prove that the man is the head of the household. It is unfortunate that there have been increasing reports, especially in Africa and parts of Asia, that people die daily due to domestic violence. Laws need to be examined to determine whether perpetrators of violence against family members are exempt from prosecution. If so, then family law must be scrutinized as well as the history of a culture that excuses it.

Domestic violence is increasingly becoming an intolerable problem that calls for serious in-sight gleaned from research.

A violent individual is often thought of as a product of a family home environment. Sometimes mental illness leads to irrational behavior that may erupt into violence. However, the problem can also be the result of cultural attitudes.

Perhaps there are other hidden factors that lead to domestic violence. Studies that have been conducted should be scrutinized, guiding further research. Research should also be carried through to determine the best avenues for preventive action. Furthermore, individuals should be educated on what to do if they are aware of incidents of domestic violence or if they are victims of domestic violence.

Furthermore, affordable psychological counseling should be made available for both those who are abusers as well as those who are victims so that the cycle of domestic violence can be broken.

The exploration of domestic abuse cannot be concluded without mentioning that people need to be educated concerning their rights, as well as duties towards ensuring peaceful co-existence within the family. By understanding that spouses and children are legally entitled to respect, individuals may identify better ways of handling family conflicts. Another effective remedy might be to change the social mentality that patriarchal behaviors are acceptable. It is the duty of every society that alleges to be modernized to unite all voices against acts of domestic violence, since it the basic indicator of societal injustices.

Tips on exploratory essay writing:
To generate a quality exploratory essay on domestic violence, one could begin by offering a brief description of what the concept entails.

The writer should not assume that the reader is already familiar with the topic. After doing so, the writer might provide a few examples of domestic violence with which the reader can relate. To add substance to the essay, the writer can also include a few statistical findings.

Doing so might help convince the reader that the topic is worth investigating. After presenting arguments or possible solutions to identified problems, the writer might provide several recommendations.

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