5-Page Essay on Global Warming

Very few people will argue against the fact that the earth is getting increasingly warmer given the way summers are becoming hotter, the evidence that glaciers are melting, the sea levels are rising, and the way the weather in many parts of the world is increasingly becoming unpredictable.

All these characteristics of the weather can be summed up into one term, and that is global warming. It is only in recent decades that the idea of global warming is caused by humans has emerged. Environmental groups and governments worldwide began to take notice after scientists theorized that mankind, through certain activities, are actually changing the earth’s environment and climate. Even though the changes are taking place slowly, scientists warn that it could accelerate soon. They have even stated that in the present century, the 21 century, the earth will become warmer than it has been during the last four centuries.

Another cause of global warming is due to factors such as the relationship between the earth’s position, axis, revolution around the sun and rotation on its own axis.

Major volcanic eruptions have also been linked to natural global warming. The gradual changes that occur due to natural events are considered to take place very slowly, over several centuries. Most animal species survive these changes by migrating from one geographic location to another.

The rapid increase of global warming, especially during the last century, is one of the main factors that have led scientists to conclude that human activity has more to do with the rapid changes than natural causes. Man’s activities, which include burning fossil fuels and massive deforestation, have been suspected of causing global warming at a very alarming rate. Scientists even believe that in the near future, the human induced damage on the atmosphere will result in a series of serious problems related to the distribution of species and their critical habitats, significant increase in the levels of the oceans, severe weather events, and the onset of issues that will negatively impact the quality of life for every living organism on earth.

The issues identified by scientists are serious, which is why it is important for every single human-being to take action that will not only reduce the effects of global warming but will also help stop human contributions to it. It is definitely the time for mankind to reduce and even stop using fossil fuels and reduce deforestation.

Instead, organizations and governments should work to embrace forestation and reforestation, and generally reduce using anything that has been linked to rapid climatic change or global warming.

Essay writing tips:
Global warming is without doubt one of the most complex topics that one could ever explore; so, when asked to write about it in only five pages, one should select a few main ideas about the phenomenon that can be comprehensively explored in a short paper rather than try to cover all the issues in a brief amount of space. In this case, a limited overview of what entails global warming was explored to inform the reader that it is actually taking place. Following that, two main causes of global warming were explored, along with suggestions on how it can be reduced.

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