Informal Essay on Drug Addiction

Unregulated and excessive use of drugs is popularly referred to as drug addiction and even drug abuse.

In recent decades, drug addiction has emerged as one of the major problems facing society. Drug addiction essentially refers to a condition in which one is physically dependent on a drug. It is characterized by the development of tolerance and withdrawal symptoms. When an individual begins to develop tolerance of a drug, the individual will realize that he or she needs more of the drug to achieve a desired level of pleasure or satisfaction. Additionally, when an individual who is addicted to drugs does not get access to the desired drugs, he begins to suffer from uncontrollable and painful convulsions, depression, vomiting, headaches, and many other maladies.

Drug addiction not only affects the individual who is addicted to the drug, but it also affects the families of that individual, as well as the society at large. The individual who is addicted to the drug often realizes that he cannot function well without the drug. This can cause problems both at work and at home. The drug addiction causes the individual to develop feelings of frustration and anger, inadequacy, and emotional insecurity. Once an individual begins experiencing these symptoms, those close to him, especially family members, also begin to be negatively affected since they find it difficult to relate to the individual in the same way as they used to before the individual became addicted to the drugs. Moreover, the drug addict may not also be able to function well at the workplace, resulting in a demotion or even the loss of a job.

There are many factors that are thought to greatly contribute to drug addiction. Among these is the ever changing structure and functions of the family. Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. Often, these marriages include children. Mothers of young children in particular have great difficulty providing for their children. They often work more than one job, leaving their children unchaperoned. These children easily fall victim to influences outside the home, and too often those influences involve illegal drugs. Additionally, unscrupulous individuals looking for an easy way to make money will traffic in illegal drugs, hooking anybody they can into taking small amounts without charge and then waiting for them to become hooked so that the drug dealers can charge them significant amounts of money. Another way of becoming addicted to drugs involves trying to relieve feelings of stress, whether from the workplace or from the home environment.

The problem of drug addiction may be growing, but there are several ways of tackling the problem from a social context. This involves making parents and young people aware of places close to home that may be housing drug dealers, counseling, education, and guidance on how one can recover from drug addiction. Family members, teachers, peers, councilors, churches, and other influential groups can play an active role.

Informal essay writing tips:
Since this is an informal essay, one does not have to write it like a formal essay which has a defined format and facts or information gleaned from credible sources. However, this is not to imply that the essay should not be written without care. An informal essay might begin with a definition of a specified topic, such as drug addiction, so the reader will know exactly what is being explored in the essay. Then, the writer can follow with the effects of the illness, as well as what causes it and possible treatments.

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