Chinese Educational Experience Essay

Historically education has been regarded as the gateway to success. This notion holds viable in various perspectives depending on the concept of its application. Notably various social and cultural backgrounds exhibit varied trends in educational systems. The impacts generated upon the application of a given system qualify its validity and effectiveness. Therefore, a person with adequate educational exposure has high chances of enhancing his or her knowledge. Nonetheless, lack of uniformity of global educational system, generate new episodes in which people look for a better system in a far country. In addition to this, another reason that potentially influences people’s decision to look for education results from the dynamism, that this field undergoes within a shorter duration. It is in this connection that, certain social zones are deemed best in offering quality educational standards. However, the thesis of this essay is to discuss educational experience in a Chinese background, in comparison to the personal experience that American system has to provide. The advancement of educational experience in both social set ups is compared based on its validity and effectiveness to the perceived recipients. Malcolm X and his plight in acquiring education while at the prison benchmark the comparison under this review. In line with this, the American system of education became authenticated from experience that Malcolm X encountered while in prison (Lee. p 65).

My experience with the Chinese educational system began when I started intense formal educational practice. During this period, I realized the pros and cons of having Chinese education background. Just like other systems of education Chinese systems equally emphasize on excellence, though on a different perspective. With respect to Malcolm X’s educational background, it is justified to conclude that, having formal education benchmark most aspirations and professional trends in any society. Consequently, Malcolm’s quest for learning was agitated by varied facts in life, especially with his peers. Comparatively, Malcolm X’s educational experience exhibits a divergent twist from what I underwent while receiving Chinese formal education. With regard to this, Malcolm X became a scholar from the hard work and exclusive strides he made in advancing his standards. For instance, while in prison, Malcolm engaged himself in book reading and consultation from reliable sources. On the other hand, my childhood experience with Chinese education was that of teacher student interaction. Principally, the entire learning process depended upon the teacher for knowledge delivery. This became expeditious and detrimental to creating independence and self reliance in the learning process.

The case of Malcolm becomes special since most students entirely rely on teachers for knowledge. Based on this comparative analysis, the Chinese system occupies substantially low standards compared to the American system. It is in line with this that education and knowledge become regarded as banks of social sanity in most societies. The reasons that propelled Malcolm X in acquiring education were purely to conform to his peers, who had the knowledge in the formal education system (Pepper. P. 87).

Malcolm X’s educational experience is a great motivation to the aspiring young people. Principally, Malcolm acquired his education while serving prison terms and only had the opportunity of interacting with the teachers. He did not get his educational line smooth, but experienced the ruggedness in the name of pursuing knowledge. Instances that equalize my learning experience in China to that exhibited by Malcolm include the fact that both of us belonged to the hustling backgrounds. Just like, Malcolm had found his educational road so complex, and so was my educational background. In short, I belonged to a very humble background. Additionally, my educational experience met resistance from varied scenarios. The fact that I profess Chinese background made it hard for me to acquire certain elements of language oriented knowledge. Learning a new language, especially English became one of the toughest hustle that encountered my educational background. Initially, I got sceptical in learning English, though later, I transformed this mentality from my inborn personality.

Similarly, Malcolm being a non English speaker enhanced his education by reading relevant books in English before kicking off his studies. In order to improve my language, I engaged in various discussion groups. This group comprised of my peers who had in depth understating of the native language. Out of this, I became privileged to acquire foundational knowledge in English. On the other hand, Malcolm had applied the same technique in order to acquire basic knowledge in English. For instance, his move to meet educational scholars from Boston and Harvard boosted his language capability. From the informal set up, Malcolm became a great scholar whose articles circulated globally. In line with this; my educational experience in China was agitated by the same reasoning, just like the Malcolm X’s. My studious experience from various educational publications bench-marked the outstanding progress I made in the educational field (Pepper. p. 89).

In conclusion, the experience from Malcolm X indicates that a person can build his or her educational background from whichever means, as long as relevant focus is put into place. Just like Malcolm acquired viable educational knowledge from the prison, so is a dedicated a person with the passion of knowledge. The lesson that I strongly derive from this essay is that success is possible regardless of one’s social underpinnings (Lee. p. 67).

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