HR Management Essay

HR manager providing guidelines for a supervisor to use when they have to discipline employees
Every institution requires rules and regulations to help guide employee on the day to day basis. These regulations are created as guiding programs, and it is a recommendation that everyone adheres to it, where consequences follow in case one goes against any of them (Krakow, 2000). As a Human resource manager, it is one’s duty to ensure that employees stick to the rules and regulations of the company, and since it is not easy for the Human resource manager to keep watch of the employee all the time, it is advisable that the Human resource manager develops a program, for supervisors, to help the discipline the employees whenever they go against these regulations. One of the most prestigious programs that a Human resource manager could come up with is a program to ensure a drug free work place (Krakow, 2000).

1. Key components that should be included in your company’s drug free work-place program to best meet the needs of both employees and the company
Some significant elements that should be included in a drug free work-place program include providing a written drug free workplace policy. Policies are guidelines that are provided to help guide employees on the rights and wrongs at the workplace (Krakow, 2000). These policies will only be effective if it states clearly why this program is crucial. Another key element is training of the supervisors. Through this training, supervisors are taught how to deal with employees who do not keep the rules and regulations of the company. This could also prove efficient in helping ensure that the supervisors are conversant with the company’s policies (Krakow, 2000).

Thirdly, offering education to employees is also extremely significant when it comes to creating a drug free workplace program. This will help ensure that workers are not ignorant of the importance of this program and will also helps in the provision of detailed information about the consequences of drug abuse and what it may do the company and to the employees too(Krakow, 2000).

Inclusion of mandatory alcohol and drug tasting in the program could also prove necessary. However, it is essential that the program states specifically who will be tested. For instance, all employees should be tested for this. This could be done in a three months period, where every employee is tested. It is also extremely pertinent to state which drugs will be tested (Krakow, 2000).

2. Identify the steps a manager should take if an employee’s actions create a suspicion that the employee has reported to work under the influence of substances.
One vital step that a manager should take is to obtain a factual documentation. This document is where the manager documents the factors that led to the conclusion that the employee is under the influence of drugs (Krakow, 2000). This information might have reached the manager through other employees or through the supervisors. However, the manager should not take this blindly, but rather should look for evidence that the employees was under the influence of drugs before taking any action (Krakow, 2000).

After taking this step, the manager should schedule a meeting with the employee as a way of getting explanation why the employee was behaving in such a manner. After gathering this information, the employer will decide form the feedback on the next step to take (Krakow, 2000). The third step is to accommodate as required. If the employee agrees that he has a drug problem, then the manager should accommodate the employee as required. After getting full information on this, the manager should provide the employee with an evaluation on the importance of seeking treatment.

Discipline is necessary for mistakes that the employees engage in at the workplace. Whether the employees agree to the mistake or not, the manager should consider the necessary punishment for the mistake. This could be justified through policies that are provided to deal with employees who go against regulations and rules of the work place (Krakow, 2000).

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