HR Management Essay

HR manager providing guidelines for a supervisor to use when they have to discipline employees
Every institution requires rules and regulations to help guide employee on the day to day basis. These regulations are created as guiding programs, and it is a recommendation that everyone adheres to it, where consequences follow in case one goes against any of them (Krakow, 2000). As a Human resource manager, it is one’s duty to ensure that employees stick to the rules and regulations of the company, and since it is not easy for the Human resource manager to keep watch of the employee all the time, it is advisable that the Human resource manager develops a program, for supervisors, to help the discipline the employees whenever they go against these regulations. One of the most prestigious programs that a Human resource manager could come up with is a program to ensure a drug free work place (Krakow, 2000).

1. Key components that should be included in your company’s drug free work-place program to best meet the needs of both employees and the company
Some significant elements that should be included in a drug free work-place program include providing a written drug free workplace policy. Policies are guidelines that are provided to help guide employees on the rights and wrongs at the workplace (Krakow, 2000). These policies will only be effective if it states clearly why this program is crucial. Another key element is training of the supervisors. Through this training, supervisors are taught how to deal with employees who do not keep the rules and regulations of the company. This could also prove efficient in helping ensure that the supervisors are conversant with the company’s policies (Krakow, 2000). Continue reading HR Management Essay

Management Science Essay

Free Management Science Essay
Operations research is a discipline that encompasses the application of the prevailing advanced analytical methods in making of the viable decisions. It is concerning the provision and the implementation of the scientific methods to the prevailing executive departments. These departments normally possess quantitative basis of the decisions concerning the operations beneath the control that pertains to the operational analysis. Moreover, operations research is frequently grouped as sub-field of mathematics. Operations research entails the application of the techniques originating from the associated mathematical sciences. The underlying mathematical sciences skills which are normally involves in the operational research are the mathematical modeling, mathematical optimization accompanied by the corresponding statistical analysis. The process of operation research is normally arrives at most favorable or the underlying near-optimal resolutions pertaining to the multifaceted decision making problems. Since there is also the emphasis on the corresponding human-technology interaction accompanied by the focus on the operational applications, the operations research also overlap with other related disciplines such as the industrial engineering, operations administration accompanied by the draws pertaining to psychology and the association science. Operations research in management science is mainly concern with the determination of the underlying maximum returns, performance accompanied by the prevailing yield. Moreover, it also relates to the determination of the minimum loss, risk and the corresponding cost that pertains to the actual world objectives. Operations research originated from the military efforts prior to the World War II ,thus making its underlying techniques to develop massively in solving the concern problems within the variety of the prevailing industries. Continue reading Management Science Essay

Natural Resource Management essay example

At site two we find the habitat of an endangered bird found only in this area and needs to be protected. This particular site is a natural zone in which I would seek to ensure the protection of its native animals. Native animals are all animal species that as a result of natural processes occurred on land now designated as a park. In order to protect this endangered bird hunting will be prohibited in this area and the amount of human impact will be limited in and around the area. I would also conduct management programs that will help restore the species population by making sure there is an adequate habitat for the birds to live and are protected from any external threats. A small area around the bird’s habitat will also be fenced in until the risk of predators and poaching is minimized and the population begins to restore itself. Continue reading Natural Resource Management essay example

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