Expository Essay: Why Some Teens Commit Suicide

When it comes to teenage deaths, motor vehicle accidents and suicides are regarded as the most common causes. This is why many parents, especially those with teenagers, are interested in knowing the factors that lead teenagers to commit suicide, so they can work against these factors and discourage their teenagers from committing suicide. Some of the factors noted from relevant research indicate that homosexual teenagers have a higher suicide rate, compared to their heterosexual counterparts. This is perhaps so because they may have a difficult time being accepted in society because of their sexual orientation. They may also have a difficult time accepting their own sexual orientation, which to others may seem to be rather unusual.

Knowledge of such statistics can help parents find better ways to deal with their teenagers and look for alternative ways to resolve their problems, so that they do not turn to suicide. The teen years are usually characterized by much uncertainty as the teen’s transition towards adulthood. Many teens find this period to be rather confusing, and it is also a time when some teens may prefer to isolate themselves from peers and family members.

Unfortunately, the isolation makes it more difficult for them to deal with the challenges they face, and this may even cause some to think of suicide as the only or best way out of these challenges. The self-doubts, pressures to be successful, confusion over what they are supposed to conform to, and the changes taking place in their bodies may come as a very high price for some teenagers who may resort to suicide to escape from it all.

Statistics state that girls tend to commit suicide more often than boys during the teen years. However, more boys die from suicide compared to girls, mostly because the methods chosen by boys tend to be more lethal and faster. It is during the teen years that students may get into troubling situations, but not many students know how to get themselves out of such situations. Teens that have not been counseled on how to deal with situations facing them are more at risk for resorting to suicide, compared to those who have been taught alternative ways of dealing with situations they face in life.

Parents should therefore encourage their teens to get involved in networks that can help them deal with whatever they are facing and not consider suicide as a way out of a situation, no matter how complex the situation might be. Many pressures that students face in life circumstances such as divorce, family problems, sexual abuse, emotional neglect and domestic violence can increase the chances of teens resorting to suicide.

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