How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

In a compare and contrast essay you have to accentuate the similarities, and dissimilarities, between two or more objects, or entities. It’s one of the easier types of essays, where you have to evaluate the point that you were asked to compare, or contrast. Also, you have to use transition words to compare, or contrast, different ideas, so your essay will look more consistent. Brainstorming is useful; you need a range of ideas from which to choose the most important. Also, while brainstorming, you will probably come up with questions that the readers’ might ask, so you will be able to disclose them in your essay. Do some more research to be able to answer these questions correctly. Think well, before starting your essay, about everything you have gathered to ensure that you will be able to organize all the information you’ve got properly.

The introduction should disclose the topic and any additional information on it. Add a thesis statement here. Basically, prepare the reader for what you are going to write about.

Generally, compare and contrast essays examine two topics, and there are two ways of structuring the main body. One pattern is when you analyze the first topic, before moving to the second. The third paragraph would be about the actual similarities, or differences, between these topics. The other pattern is when you compare the two topics in the first paragraphs of the main body, stating and supporting all the similarities you find in them. Then you proceed with analyzing the differences between the topics. Give at least three similarities and three differences.

Wrap everything up in the conclusion. The introduction and the conclusion should frame out the whole essay, for it to look complete. In the conclusion you restate the information you have given in the introduction, as well as review all the points you have made, in the main body, without repeating you own words. Here you can also point out the significance of your essay, and prove to the readers that it was worth spending their time on your writing.

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