How to Write a Persuasive Essay

In persuasive essay writing, you have to find solid ground to be able to get your point across to the readers, since the main purpose of such an essay, is to convince the reader to accept your reasoning. Before writing the essay, decide on your opinion and whether you have enough facts to back it up. It is important, at this stage, to think about how readers will react to your position and way of relaying the facts. Would they sympathize with you, or show hostility. The balance between the stronger supporting points, and adequate back-up information, is the key to writing a good persuasive essay.

A good strategy is to brainstorm before writing the essay, instead of coming up with ideas as you go along. This will help you, greatly, in the construction of your essay, since you will know how far each point can be developed, and in which order to place them, in your essay, if they are suitable.

As in any type of essay, your persuasive essay should contain an introduction, main body and conclusion. In the introduction, you should present your point of view as best as you can, and in a few words; it is very important to pique the readers’ attention from the start. Here, you should clearly state what position you are going to take. Then, choose only the strongest points that would make your main body, since each paragraph should present one idea. Don’t forget to include some valuable information to support each point; for example, statistics. To make your essay look even better, you may add a paragraph where you explain the opposing point of view and show how tolerant you are to it.

The last part of your essay should be the conclusion. Here, you summarize all the information you have included in the essay, without repeating yourself. Try to end your essay in a manner that will leave the readers with a good impression, wanting to learn more about the side of the matter that you wanted to illustrate. Don’t forget that you are trying to persuade the readers to take you side.

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