Tips on Writing a Narrative Essay About Someone

Writing a narrative essay about someone is not an easy thing especially when one needs to write a paper that will appeal to the audience. Writing a good narrative story that will capture the imagination of the reader requires excellent writing skills and it is not many people that have the skill to write such essays excellently. When writing this kind of story, the writer should not only strive to write a good story but also inform the reader why it is important to write the essay on that individual who is the subject of the essay.

The easiest way to get this essay done is to begin by drafting the narrative essay because while drafting the essay, the writers get the opportunity to think about the life experiences of the subject and how these experiences fit into the theme of the essay paper. Normally, selecting the perspectives of the subject that are significant to the writer is a good idea because these perspectives help the writer to establish an emotional connection with the issues being explored in the essay paper. Once the writer is emotionally connected to the issue, the writer is more likely to write a more effective essay compared to when the writer is writing about issues that he cannot exactly connect to.

Once the topic of the narrative essay is selected, the writer should allocate some of their time to sorting their memories, recalling any details about the subject and reading any books or periodicals that may contain information about the subject. If the ideas that one thinks about or recalls are many, then one should draft an outline that will help one to organize the numerous ideas into a great essay paper. While writing the initial or first draft of the narrative essay, one should follow the outline but put more emphasis on making the story in the essay paper to come true using several techniques include using personal narratives, not glossing over the details, using vivid descriptions, and ignoring fictitious elements, among others.

Using personal narratives gives the narrative essay an immediacy which is a good tool of engaging the reader while not glossing over the will enable readers who may not know the subject to understand what exactly the writer is stating in the essay paper. Once the draft is done, one should revise the draft and compose the final draft of the narrative essay. While revising and reorganizing the draft, there are several issues that one should consider and these include examining the draft for essay to understand progression of events. It is always important for the writer to make it easy for the reader to follow the events in the essay and to easily move from one to the other with ease. This therefore included adding the relevant topic sentences and transition sentences to each one of the body paragraphs. It is also here that the writer confirms if the instructions of the essay have been followed while writing the essay paper.

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