How to Write an Analytical Essay on Romeo and Juliet

If you hope to write an excellent analytical essay on Romeo and Juliet, then you need to base this essay on a strong argument. This argument should be succinctly stated in the thesis statement and should not be something that is obvious, but something interesting, attention catching: an idea that can be well supported in the body of the essay paper. When looking for the words for the thesis statement one should examine if the proposition selected for the thesis is both reasonable and arguable. If the statement is obvious then one does not have an argument and this implies that the analytical essay will most likely be weak and one that not so many readers will find pleasing to read through.

For this type of an essay, it is best that you select a thesis statement that presents an issue that can be argued from opposing perspectives and of course stating which of the sides you are advocating for in your essay paper. After reading “Romeo and Juliet”, you can find good ideas to base your main argument on by looking for metaphors and words that the author makes use of consistently and identify the pattern. Once you interpret the pattern, you should examine if there are any ethical, moral or philosophical ideas that the author seems to be opposing or supporting and while doing so, also examine the consequences of accepting the reasoning endorsed by the author. Once you have this information, you can come up with a good thesis statement that will either agree with the author’s view of disagree with the views proposed by the author of Romeo and Juliet.

When presenting your views on this story, you will need some authoritative evidence that will back up the arguments that you present in the essay paper. You can get the evidence that you need by referring to the text, examining the language used by the author an examining the structure of the passage. When examining the structure of the passage, check how the different parts of the paper follow one another and how the ideas follow one another in the book. From this, you can tell the ideas that the writer is really trying to send out to the reader.

While referring to the text, you could decide to quote a few passages in your text to support your argument. Providing quotations and paraphrases in your analytical paper is a great way of demonstrating to the reader that you have properly read the passage, understood it well and is basing your arguments from what you have discovered in the passage. You should however be careful when deploying quotations since there are factors such as the length of the essay and similarity index that you should consider when deciding the quotation to include. You should always remember that after every quotation that you write, you need to include an interpretation that will enable the reader understand your reason for including the quotation and the context of including that quotation.

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