How to Build a Research Paper Database

Writing tasks in the upper level courses are complex and call for mature writing skills. They cannot be completed as simple essay writing. Rather, they call for a number of abilities, including research skills. At this stage, not only must you be able to write clearly and coherently, but also conduct scholarly research. For this reason, you need to build a database of sources for research purposes. Yes, this is another challenge in the context of completing one’s academic studies; however, skills are developed through practice! Besides, individuals are often intimidated in completing unfamiliar tasks. Developing a research paper database, though, can easily be done when using the right approach.

To write a strong paper, make your research informative. Be sure to have a system for recording bibliographic information as you conduct research, including page numbers from where you either quote directly or indirectly. You should also have a variety of sources. These can include periodicals, books, pamphlets, newspapers, websites, and interviews, as well as a wide range of artifacts. It surely will take some time to conduct a thorough research, but it will be highly beneficial! While reading, you will come across citations that may be of great use for your work.

Pay close attention to them. You may be able to find the actual source and use it as well. Your research paper will be much more credible if it is based on numerous sources supporting the ideas presented in your paper (Newport, 2015).

It’s a good idea to select the most suitable sources available for your research and create a database of those sources used. Utilizing our suggestions will help you to build a database of sources for your research paper, helping you to write a solid academic paper. It’s easy to complete this prewriting activity by following these tips. To start with, determine which sources you may need for your research. Then, use the Excel software to develop a table on which to record the bibliographic information for the sources you plan to use.

Include columns that contain:

  1. A number for each source;
  2. The year the source was published;
  3. The kind of source it is, such as: a newspaper article, journal article, or a book, etc. (Newport, 2015)

Next, create a separate worksheet for each source you are going to use in your paper. This is much more convenient than using one general worksheet for all the parts of your research paper.

In creating the worksheet, make sure to have columns that include the following information:

  1. The reference number of the source from which the quote is taken;
  2. The date the quotation was recorded;
  3. The page in the source for which the particular quotation can be found;
  4. The quotation within quotation marks. Here, it’s important to use the exact words without any changes. (Newport, 2015)

By using this approach in research paper writing, you will definitely improve your writing skills and gain a deeper insight into the issue studied. Each argument and statement you use will sound authentic and valid. Moreover, you will gain considerable confidence in your academic abilities, which will undoubtedly reflect in your writing style. So, by putting out some effort in creating a database, you will be organized and your sources properly cited.

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