Essay: 10 Gadgets that Will Help You Sleep Better

Sleep makes up a substantial part of our life, which is vital for full renewal and normal functioning of physical and mental health.

Modern life speed is extremely fast and intensive – people rush over and over again, trying to do hundreds of various things at once. Such an intensive approach toward daily routines and firm decisions to cope at once with all things planned may lead to increased tension and thus cause sleep disorders. Luckily, the world of Nano technologies is rich in a great number of useful gadgets, which can easily help you solve all your sleeping problems and feel wholly refreshed.

So, the list of top 10 modern gadgets are Omvana, which is an iOS app with a number of high-quality audio tracks, which you can get for free. They are specially designed for such practices as relaxation and meditation (Turner, 2013). All the sound tracks in this app were composed by MindValley Company, which specializes in self-improvement techniques. Listening to calm music before going to bed will calm down anxiety and is highly likely to improve sleep.

Philips Company must be proud of its latest innovation – Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light. How do we usually get up in the morning? The vast majority of people get up early in the morning being awakened by the irritating sound of a zooming alarm clock. This proves to be harmful for both mind and body, as this sudden shift from sleeping to acting is considered to be aversive for our nervous systems. Philips Waking-Up Light aims to produce the effect of daylight. The color of the light gradually gets brighter for forty minutes long. Placing the following gadget near the bed will help you wake up naturally, just reacting to the increasing sunlight. In addition, such mild and gradual morning awaking can influence night sleep positively, as well (Turner, 2013).

Stage number three in the list of gadgets beneficial for sleep is taken by Talking Alarm Clock and Nightlight. The basic principal of this device resembles the one from Philips – yellow light and the clock radiates and moderately grows into a green light as the morning comes. This change of color prompts a child when it’s time to wake up. Apart from it, this original clock can also teach a kid to tell time by means of interactive games (Turner, 2013).

Fitbit device might be rather handy while waking you up in the morning – just put it on your wrist before going to sleep, and it will signal when it’s time to get up with a quiet vibration. What is more, Fitbit is able to contribute to your healthy way of life by controlling the number of calories consumed, counting the number of steps made, etc.

Cloud B Tranquil Turtle is likely to become one of the best investments, as this toy gained a wide popularity not only with children, but with adults as well! This lovely toy aims to help your child relax at bedtime. Two available light modes suggest projecting 3-dimensional or a static ray of light on any flat surface in the room, wall or ceiling. Additionally, two sound modes are installed into the Turtle – soft melody and the sound of waves; a baby can be gently lulled to sleep by these soft sounds.

Take a closer look at REM Dreamer. This is a kind of dreaming induction device – actually, it is a dream mask that can identify the REM dream phase by means of its infra-red light sensors. The gadget illuminates a light on one’s eyelid while the person is sleeping. Put this device on right before bedtime, and let the REM Dreamer light pass through the visions created in your head (Turner, 2013). This can become a starting point for coping with insomnia and other sleep disorders.

As far as audio therapy wins the entire improvement, the Sleep Sound Therapy System has recently presented Sound Oasis S-650-01. When you are in need of escaping the noise around you, calming down an active child, or simply turning off the voices in your head, try using this gadget and create a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere around yourself!

In case you enjoy watching your dreams in color and would like to store the ideas and impressions you get while sleeping, DreamCatcher Project might be of great use! With the help of this iOS app, you will get a lucky chance to transform speech into a text massage, and hence to record the dreams you have at any single moment of the night (Turner, 2013). Perhaps the desire to catch the memories will serve as perfect motivation for your sleep improvements!

One more invention for good sleep is called Zeo Sleep Manager Pro. It can monitor the changes in your sleep patterns and depict data about one’s sleep in the form of a scheme. Afterwards, this information is sent to your smartphone, where it shows the time you spent in REM, light and deep sleep phases (Turner, 2013). Using this approach toward various sleep phases can make WBTB and WILD lucid dreams reach an absolute agreement with the time of REM sleep (Wilson, 2012). Furthermore, this gadget can wake you up in the morning at the most suitable time! Great, isn’t it?

And the last, but not the least, is the gadget called Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock. The following iOS app functions as sleep indicator, and is very much like Zeo Sleep Manager Pro in terms of design and functions. The basic function principle of it is based on the fact that people tend to move differently at various stages of their sleep during the night. The movement detector installed into the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app gets activated and fixes various sleep cycles to wake you up during the phase of light sleep, which corresponds to a person’s usual waking hour. When the alarm triggers at this particular time, one is likely to get up being fully relaxed and full of energy – exactly what is needed to start a new day! By choosing any of the enlisted gadgets, you chose a proven way to contribute to your healthy sleep and good mood, so let your dreams be sweet and peaceful!

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