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Cause and Effect essay on The Fall of Man and the Subsequent Effects:
This is among the issues which are not easily understood in our world today. What God had in mind for mankind was happiness that would last forever without suffering and misfortunes all Adam and Eve had to do was not to eat of the forbidden fruit. Man was left to make his own decisions. Whereas free will was not withheld from them, their consequences of the results of their actions upon exercising their free will could not be avoided. Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit and the consequence is the world that we have today. This is what came to be known as the fall of mankind. This was the main cause to the after effects and the suffering of mankind.

Later on God gave mankind enough chances to repent their sins. From the time of Adam’s descendants when Abel was supposed to offer an offering to God that would save humankind and restore their relationship that was lost in the Garden of Eden. But then another cause happened. Cain killed his brother. The one who would have saved mankind died and things continued to get out of control. Some effects turned into cause and such are referred to as causal effects. Adam’s disobedience led to them being taken away from the Garden of Eden and they started a family. This was a result of the fall.

Then there came the time of Noah, when the world turned away from God. And He gave Noah a chance to save mankind. What followed were the worst floods that God used to clean the world because the people could not listen to Noah’s warnings and he only saved his immediate family. The saving of mankind was a long way coming because God did not give up yet, and he choose Abraham, who was regarded as a man of faith to lead His people into God’s mercy. What followed was disobedience by the people and anger from God caused the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah by fire. Every cause in the Christian story of the fall of man and the attempts of saving mankind resulted to another different event. Then the children of Israel were taken to the land of Egypt, where they greatly suffered.

There was also a series of causes and effects leading to the story of Jesus Christ first coming on earth as a messiah to save the world. When he preached the gospel the Pharisees accused him of trying to be like God. His own people did not believe in him and thus, even John the Baptist who was sent to prepare Messiah’s way had to ask Him if he was the expected messiah. The Messiah was betrayed by His own people and was killed. The hope the world had of a saviour ended over two thousand years at a small hill of Golgotha between two common thieves.

From then, the people of the world wait for the messiah’s second coming. Their chance of being saved. The question is, will the Christians get it right this time or two thousand years from now someone will sit down and write the story of the second messiah and how people of the 21st century did not believe in him and another Cause happened that led to some more effects? Hopefully this is where the suffering stops. And the causal effects will some day in this generation come to an end.

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