Cause and Effect essay example

Cause and Effect essay on The Fall of Man and the Subsequent Effects:
This is among the issues which are not easily understood in our world today. What God had in mind for mankind was happiness that would last forever without suffering and misfortunes all Adam and Eve had to do was not to eat of the forbidden fruit. Man was left to make his own decisions. Whereas free will was not withheld from them, their consequences of the results of their actions upon exercising their free will could not be avoided. Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit and the consequence is the world that we have today. This is what came to be known as the fall of mankind. This was the main cause to the after effects and the suffering of mankind.

Later on God gave mankind enough chances to repent their sins. From the time of Adam’s descendants when Abel was supposed to offer an offering to God that would save humankind and restore their relationship that was lost in the Garden of Eden. But then another cause happened. Cain killed his brother. The one who would have saved mankind died and things continued to get out of control. Some effects turned into cause and such are referred to as causal effects. Adam’s disobedience led to them being taken away from the Garden of Eden and they started a family. This was a result of the fall. Continue reading Cause and Effect essay example

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