Sample essay on Internet Fridges

We thought that the current electrical goods we had were advanced, well think again because we are closer and closer to making what seemed impossible or merely a distant future, appear a reality.

Internet Fridges are probably the newest, most up to date technology we have today. The sound of an Internet fridge may seem ridiculous and pointless in having, however, there are so many technological advances to having this nifty, rather large component to your household. With so many little additions and gadgets to this refrigerator, I`m sure it will seem fairly impossible to even recognize every luxury device received with the Net Fridges. Although you may just think that this appliance is simply the Internet connected to a fridge you are vastly mistaken. Some may have more or different special features, depending on the company it is made from. It seems the standard Net Fridge tends to include a large touch-sensitive screen, a barcode scanner, digital television, message board, camera, built-in monitor (to detect expired foods), connection with other household appliances, e-mail and much more. From using these exceptional pieces of equipment and gadgets, you d be amazed at how you can use them for your great benefit. The barcode scanner enables the refrigerator to check barcodes to note when daily necessities are missing from the fridge or if the ingredients for that day`s dinner are available in supermarkets. The fridge will then be able to deliver a shopping list to the local supermarket allowing the supermarket to deliver your groceries to you, and without you having to do a thing. You can also have installed an online weekly shopping list. Rather than sticking messages on the fridge, you can use the handwriting message board on the fridge. You can also surf the net, play MP3’s and e-mail digital photos. The built in camera allows you to make family videos and can be used as a security system alerting the police if there should be a break in. One of THE best elements though of the Internet Fridge has to be the Longwork protocol. This protocol enables the fridge to have interaction with other household appliances. Example, Any of the lights in your home can be turned on or off from an icon on the display panel, while the air-conditioning, spa and alarm system can all be controlled without leaving the kitchen.

With the list of all its capabilities, it`s obvious to see the advantages of administering this appliance into your home. With a touch of the screen you could switch off an upstairs light or turn on the air conditioning, all this done on your very own refrigerator! This appliance not only allows adjusted refrigeration and knowledge of food expiration, storage, tips, and etc. but serves many other purposes that aren`t even food related. It also has all the Internet advantages with many other computer related bonuses. I mean, your fridge can also play part of the house security. To think that if a burglar entered your house, the fridge can instantly call the police AS WELL AS have digital images of the burglar from its installed camera. It`s actually been found that the computer systems installed in the Fridges are more reliable than a home computer. This technological breakthrough also does just some of those little jobs, such as providing recipe ideas for dinner and ordering your food to your door, giving you that little extra freedom on your busy schedule.

One of the very worrying factors of the Internet Fridge though has to be the viruses that can be received from the Internet. What if the computer malfunctions? What if the computer explodes, will that completely ruin the fridge? One of the most dangerous factors spotted would have to be if a virus is obtained in the computer, it would cause a virus to the actual fridge and it may contaminate the food as well. It can also be seen that buying an Internet Fridge would be a waste of money as who needs a fridge that can turn on the spa outside anyway, or order your shopping when it isn`t that hard to do yourself? These Internet Fridges are not cheap either, currently on the market they cost around US$8000. The problem is, people may feel forced to buy them in the not so distant future as it may become a common house item but do we REALLY need the Internet attached to our fridge? True we like to keep up to date with technology, but is this appliance an absolute necessity to our household?

Although yes, this is quite a remarkable invention, I do not really see a completely positive future for this invention. Yes it may be helpful but do we really need it? For the moment, most of society has not reacted to the invention of the Internet Fridge, some probably haven`t even heard of it, however I`m assuming in a few years time, it would definitely not be uncommon to have this device in your home, and probably in ten years time EVERYONE will have one. However the factor is this could be quite a dangerous piece of equipment, what with viruses being sent over the net constantly and do we really want to be watched through the web cam installed? I believe that this appliance may create much controversy as this fridge can actually broadcast us over the Internet, and create much invasion of privacy. But in the general gist of things many people will just seek the advantages of this product and this item will most likely become very popular and be the first step into the future of that Jetsons fantasy, with most likely many futuristic products to follow.

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