Importance of Proper Conduct essay

Sample essay on Importance of Proper Conduct:
The importance of using polite and proper language is as important as the dinner hour: VERY important. Proper behavior and language within school, is essential for proper learning and growth as a person. It helps people learn respect, for future and present use, for school and for jobs, and for common decency. Without proper conduct and language, we would be lost in a world full of ignorance, disrespect, and stress. People wouldn’t know whom to look up to, they wouldn’t listen to others, and they wouldn’t know when to be quiet.

People who are older than you, deserve respect…it is a rule of life. They have had more years and in some case MANY more years of life experience than you, therefore, you should look up to them in a respectful manner, and not regard anything of what they say as being stupid, redundant, or insignificant; because they know far more than you about life. To respect is to hold someone in appreciative regard and esteem, and to do this, is not very hard. People who teach you, should deserve respect, for they are helping you get set for the rest of your life. People who nurture you, should deserve respect, because they have helped you become who you are today. The people who nurture, teach, and are older than you aren’t the only ones who deserve respect. Everyone, deserves respect. You can respect people by not hurting them, you can respect people by not ridiculing them, you can respect people by saying “please” and “thank you” and by using your common manners.

To respect your fellow classmates, is to help them learn, rather than slowing down their learning. You WILL slow down their learning if you are to disrupt the class with many smart remarks and loud, disruptive behavior. This type of behavior is not appreciated, nor welcome inside the classroom. It is for outside of the classroom, and to an extent, out of school grounds completely. If one person stands out inside the classroom, there will always be people who are sheep, and follow that one person, who is then, indirectly deemed the ‘leader’. The ‘sheep’ will follow what this leader does, and in doing so, makes it very hard on the teacher trying to cope with the situation and teach. This type of behaviour is not accepted, nor is it welcome within the school classroom. It is for outside of the classroom during recess and lunch, and even then, preferably outside of school grounds all together.

I have recently been involved in an incident which led to a punishment far greater than what would of been if I had just kept my big mouth shut. The punishment I would of received would of been a quiet chat to pull me back into line and to know my role and shut my mouth. But instead I mouthed off once again and put myself in bigger trouble. What happened, I was being disruptive during class by calling out and shouting across the room, the teacher tried to put me in my place, so I mouthed off at her. I was sent out side, and I mouthed off some more. When I came inside, I was about to receive a brief talk to settle me down and remind me of proper classroom behavior. But instead of just sitting back and listening, I opened my big mouth, once again. Doing so was cause enough for me to stay behind an hour after school and start on a 500 word essay concerning the importance of proper language and conduct within school.

Reputations can be a big problem once they have been established on bad terms. If you have a bad reputation, then you will be likely to be stereotyped into a rude person for a long time. People will constantly be watching you, waiting for you to make your next mistake, even if it is a minor mistake, they will come down full pelt on you.

If you have a bad attitude towards learning, you won’t get far in life. If you don’t drop your attitude of disrespect and the thinking of “I am king” then it is likely you will never achieve anything higher than receiving a job dishing out burgers to people in need of a fast food fix. If you go through life with a bad attitude and start calling your work boss an ‘idiot’, then you will be out of a job before you can say “Here’s my resume”.

That is the problem with me, I always seem to open my mouth too much, or at the wrong times, with the wrong things being said. I have to learn to think before I act and think before I speak. I have to learn that there is a time and a place for everything, unfortunately, the time and place for my mouth is a totally different place than inside school.

A solution to this would be to think before I act, and not to speak out of turn….which I so constantly do. I am now know for my bad behavior in class, not only with one specific teacher, but with quite a few of them, so it is very important i try not to step on too many feet, because I could get burned….bad. Moral of the story? The moral of the story is to think before I act, know my role, and shut my mouth – at all appropriate times of course.

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