Mass Communication Essay

This is one of the most important steps that the public is using to express what they have of the people. Mass communications are one of the facets of general provision of transferring information from one entity to the next. Via mass communication the world is able to share information so that people interested could have a general understanding of what is needed. For example, via mass communication the world is able to know contemporary issues that call for concern. Via mass communication, we are also able to inform the public of an important issue like the occurrence of a phenomenon. With respect to the course and the readings, mass communication has been used to express the social understanding and norms that culture has been brought to the people. The sharing of social information via television and the print media is what mass communications entails in the study.

Mass communication has been used in developing countries as an aid in social action. There are several forms of social actions that the world in using today via the use of the media. It is through such undertaking that the world is using to communicate with the people concerning the best social modes of social action (Turow, 2011).

Social programs are used today to solve much of what we are expected to handle such as eradication of poverty and other social dilemma such as crime. Through the media, all information concerning such programs is passed from social media through mass communication so that it can reach the people. The course talks about various forms of social forms and actions that ought to be implemented in day to day actions so that conformity of social behavior could be controlled.

The media have also received various complains that addressed about the type of clips and writing that they have been highlighting and bringing to the view of the people. Social activists have issues pertaining to the effects some of the clips that the media have been addressing. Some of the impacts have been identified to have diverse demerits to the world. The activists have also complained about the media not addressing a social issue rather they have been only doing business. The means that the media has failed to address its social and corporate responsibility; they have failed to pay back to the society.

The media cannot work without advocating for social roles. Therefore, the media have noted that social role is a significant facet of mass communication. As denoted by the word mass communication, it means that it is a component of the media that deals with many people. By so doing, it means that the social order of the people has to be maintained in order to ensure that the world is up to speed to change. Despite the fact that the media is there to do business, it has to play a part in ensuring that they offer the best social services to the people. The media have several social functions including the media have to be there to ensure that social order is maintained in a state of an area. The media play an important role by ensuring that social understanding of the people is shared among other people in the world not to forget that the media is there to bring social cohesion.

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