Scholarship Essay on Leadership

Leadership can be defined as the process by which an individual who is known as a leader influences or motivates a group of individuals towards attaining a common goal through cooperative behavior and collaboration. An individual in a leadership position is always expected to establish and foster a positive tone among his followers and to direct these followers towards a certain predetermined goal. Studies concerning leadership qualities have identified a number of traits or characteristics common among identified leaders. These include: intelligence, ability to adapt, extraversion, self-efficacy, openness to new ideas, ability to accept criticism, experience, and conscientiousness. Anyone can become a great leader through cultivating these needed leadership skills.

First, character plays a very important role in being a successful leader. An individual’s character is defined by how he or she responds to being in a difficult position, such as being caught between a rock and a hard place. It is during the most trying times that at individual shows his true nature. That is also the most likely time he will be scrutinized by others. People will decide whether to follow that person based on what they observe or perceive during these challenging times.

Second, a good leader must have insight and good decision-making skills that most individuals do not possess. Competence also plays a very important role in determining whether one is a good leader. Being competent has to do with knowing what must be done in any given situation one faces and the fortitude to carry through with those decisions. A leader must be willing to face the situation honestly, to make decisions, and to do what must be done. Otherwise, how can that person expect others to follow his example or to do as he suggests during a crisis?

Compassion is another key characteristic that should be demonstrated by a leader. Those who follow him need to feel that they are valued and that their contributions make a difference. They look to their leader for that sense of validation. The feeling that a leader is concerned about their welfare can motivate followers to do their best in completing the tasks assigned to them by their leader. Courage is also another important characteristic that should be possessed by every leader. Courage is basically defined as having the physical and mental fortitude to carry out a duty that most people would hesitate to complete. When one is in a leadership position, one is often faced with situations that require tough decisions which others are not ready to make. A leader should be courageous enough to make these decisions for the common good of the organization that he is leading. In all, a courageous leader is one to be admired.

Scholarship paper writing tips:
When developing this kind of a scholarship essay, defining leadership is a good way to begin. How the term is defined and the words used in that definition can help to set the tone of the essay. Defining leadership basically entails outlining or explaining the common characteristics that are associated with leadership. It is often a good idea to tackle the definition from different perspectives because doing so will enable one to develop a comprehensive definition of the term, which in this case is leadership. Once the definition is provided, one should examine the characteristics that help to identify the individual as a good leader. Furthermore, offering concrete examples of each characteristic helps to make the essay even stronger.

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